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RE: TIM works at the coffee shop I frequent and now the whole vibe is ruined

( Pickles )
There is a TIM that works at a sandwich shop I used to frequent and had to quit going because his attempt at mimicking a woman's voice was so incredibly unnerving to me and he always worked the cash register. The voice and impression he put on was actually frightening to me. Minor inconvenience for sure, but I don't hear other demographics of people who need to quit going to establishments because they have employees who openly put on offensive impressions of them. It really is bullshit we have to put up with it.

( CupOfAbominations )
Oh yeah that'd put me over the edge; the fake voice they put on is even worse, esp when they do things like exaggerating vocal fry. "Thankfully" this guy doesn't even try to affect a female voice, but he's so loud and he's always talking I just can't take it anymore...

( overanddone )
I hear you. There is a TIM clerk in a store I frequent, and I try to avoid him.

BUT! His mere presence means I have to consider him whenever I am there. I can’t relax, have to watch where I am looking and control my face, so the experience of shopping there has become slightly tense and no longer comfortable.

Is there a suggestion box at your coffee shop? Can you prepare and slip in a comment that loud political talk is ruining the once-pleasant vibe?

( Radishe )
Just having a TIM working in a coffee shop (there seem to be a lot of them, I had one today) puts me on my guard because I'm concerned it could escalate over any thing. I am always polite, I don't "sir" them, I don't look at them much, just place my order, but it still makes it less comfortable in there. It would be worse if he started going on about politics like that.

I bet his coworkers can't stand him either but have to suffer in silence.

( Spencer_Shayy )

"because I'm concerned it could escalate over any thing."

Literally why I hate working with "transwomen" and hate going to businesses staffed with "transwomen". They're ticking time bombs waiting for any excuse to fly into a violent rage. I actually feel safer around men who aren't "transwomen".



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