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Females are disgusting, because man cannot be relaxed with them

For get femoid, man must work and try hard (or just to be chad), to outcompete other men, but even in case of getting, no relaxation comes. Man still must work and try hard, for keeping that femoid, as if feels too relaxed, stupid cunt easy can escape and run to different man. Thats disgusting, femoids becoming tools of moder slavery, to keep man always on move, instead of sitting and just watching clouds. Two ways of solving it, one is making society more patriarchal and spiritual, so femoid by rules and laws will be forced to be with appointed man, but she still will be just nasty tamed animals. Real solution is creating genetically engineered or cyborg waifus, who made to be with only one particular man, finding him beautifull, loveable, and the only sexually atractive man for her, so he can has no worrries about competition and keeping cunt chained, but can just sit and relax, and not alone, but with cute adorable waifu of culture



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