Gas-More #sexist

There should be child support during pregnancy for all pregnancy related expenses. I’m all for banning pregnant women from working😂 but not because of child labor laws, because even in your sentence you admit it’s the mother, not the child, working. Just because the child is inside the mother doesn’t mean they are the same person or that every action of the mother is also the action of the child. Saying the child is working because the mother is, is like to saying that the child aborted itself if the mother kills it.

P.S. all your problems can be solved if we have a traditional framework where the man is married to a woman when he is having sex and conceived and the man works outside the home while the woman runs the home. It’s almost as if the “patriarchal” and “oppressive” system that people thought of before 1960 is internally consistent and recognizes the needs of a mother and provides for her rather than some bs system of child support from a ex-boyfriend while the mother just temporarily gets off from her hard job while having a child.



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