Various Incels #homophobia #sexist

JFL Lesbians talking about how bad women's personalities are

"You're an inkwel because you don't have a good personality and don't know how to have a conversation :soy:" Meanwhile lesbians cannot fucking talk to other women because they're so obnoxiously boring and unresponsive :feelshaha::feelskek: Never forget that even lesbian women struggle to have a proper conversation with other lesbians imageimage

Lesbians think they can larp as chads but irl they see how garbage the life of the average male is.

If only. Sadly they can't connect the dots. They think their experience is unique or only a problem for lesbians

When a hole says it, she will get updooted to infinity and showered with reddit awards. But when I say the same thing I'm a misogynistic inkwell who needs to work harder on himself :feelsclown:

Now imagine if they had our profile pictures... they wouldn't have even matched in the first place.. Spoiled fucking brats complaim about having to work a little bit for it, at least they have the chance.


of course when foids say what we say it is magically all fine and accepted

it couldn't be that they are infinitely privileged and loved to no end by society. It has to be the way they expressed themselves and their personalities that attracted everyone right :feelstastyman:

Lesbian is just one of millions of synonyms for chadsexual


being lesbian is a mental disorder

being a foid is a mental disorder



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