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RE: To those who peaked - do you think you could have been prevented from peaking?

( GenderHeretic )
No, it was a matter of when, not if. Even if all the misogyny and homophobia and predation on kids that I could not ignore didn't happen or wasn't visible, trans ideology in the first place is simply not true. Pity can only take you so far.

( Carrots90 )
What would have kept me from peaking?

NOT listening to trans people would have kept me on the polite lie trans train

When my friends daughter told me she was trans and ‘always knew’ because when she was young she wondered why she couldn’t go into the boys restroom, I tried to be open minded. Seemed to be an odd reason to cut one’s breasts off, but I tried not to let my ‘limitations on understanding’ be a problem

Non-binary unawareness would have helped keep me from peaking

As would Transbian invisibility

‘Gender Non-Conforming, butch TransWomen’ who ‘don’t owe anyone feminity’ should have been kept in purdah

( Unicorn )
I think maybe the only thing that could have kept me from peaking would have been if all TIMs were like old school transsexuals who were not disillusioned about not being actual women, or like Kim Petras.

Or if trans was just "some adults want to look like the opposite sex via surgeries and hormones" and there was no forcing taxpayers to pay for their cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic desires, and biological sex was still acknowledged.

The issue is Kim Petras was transed as a child, and I think that would have still caused questions about "how do we know if a child is trans?" And the concerns over the concept of people not wanting to conform to their birth sex's gender stereotypes = a need to medicalize the body into mimicking the opposite sex.

So... I'm not sure if anything could have fully stopped peaking, but some things might have severely delayed the process.

( Pointer )
Nothing. Once I realized they were actually seriously claiming that wanting to wear dresses and get your nails done had ANYTHING to do with being a woman, it was GAME ON. I was never going to be on board with such a profoundly sexist ideology, and more than that, I was going to have to take a stand against it. I would not be able to sit by while people spouted such stupid claptrap.



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