Scott Kuehl #racist

This woman is a psychotic who belongs in a lunatic asylum, as do millions of other guilt-ridden, masochistic, and self-hating white left-liberals. The nature of her insanity is one of degree as opposed to substance. But they control almost everything, and will soon control everything.

A "racist" is any white (since only whites can be "racist") who criticizes and/or tells the truth about the lies and delusions of white-hating Negro politicians, activists, demagogues/ and intellectuals/ pseudo-intellectuals, black criminality, especially black-on-white violence, average black intelligence, life in Haiti, the nations of sub-Saharan African, and black-majority U.S. cities, etc.; the criminality and violence of Mestizos and pure "indios" from Mexico and Central American, free-lance and gang-related, "Hispanic"/"Latino" culture, etc.; the nature of Islam and acts of Muslim terrorism, the epidemic of rapes and gang-rapes of women and girls in the UK and Western Europe, etc. "White supremacy," "racism," "nativism," "islamophobia," etc. are synonymous with honesty, realism, sanity, and the desire of whites to survive and not to dispossessed, persecuted, and worse.

The only way not to be vilified as a "racist" is to lie or be silent and, even then, you'll be vilified as a "racist" since all whites are "racists" no matter what they do or say.



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