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( @ChuckNellis )
Where did all the straight white people go? 🤔 #TVCommercials

( @Lawfulwaffle )
@ChuckNellis Most disgusting are the 'prep' commercials with homos kissing and other rampant faggotry. 3% of the population needs catered to because?

( @shitkimchi )
@Lawfulwaffle @ChuckNellis oohhh the jewnited prostitutes of israel, jewsa, is a collapsed finished shitland. totally controlled by israel. communist education. schools is just fag propaganda lgbt mafia, trans pedos and praise the african and joo God. anti white culture of mass media in Jewsa. just fag rednecks and trans pedos. a complete ethnical racial replacement of africans hispanos. a criminal land controlled by israel with all jew values of lying , ethnical replacement, holohoax lie, all sorts of lies. schools full of browns and faggots. a complete dead shitland of collapse and shit. fraud elections and communism. all working for the israeli master. violence poverty feces in the cities. with a growing majority of furious and violent africans. welcome to the Jewsa, the jewnited prostitutes of israel.

( @Keeperofthepast )
@Lawfulwaffle @ChuckNellis bc they need to recruit more. 3% is too small.
They're advertising that lifestyle to young minds.
They dont reproduce.
They recruit.

( @iesous2424 )
@ChuckNellis Burried under the slew of degenerates and multiracial nonsense propaganda paid by jewish owned media and organizations linked to Israel.

( @NordicWolf21 )
@ChuckNellis The (((media))) wants you to feel like you don't exist. In the country your ancestors built.

( @Army_man_1964 )
@ChuckNellis Kind of funny how 13% of the population can be in every TV commercial in a biracial relationship. Someone would think that's the norm, however, it only 1%.



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