Elon Musk & Various commenters #transphobia twitter.com

(Elon Musk)
We are simultaneously being told that gender differences do not exist and that genders are so profoundly different that irreversible surgery is the only option.

Perhaps someone wiser than me can explain this dichotomy.

There was a time when humanity realized girls could climb trees and want short hair and just be "tomboys". Many of them grew up to be fabulous mothers who showed their daughters how to be different. But now we cut their breasts off. Not exactly progress.

I wrote an entire book about gender ideology and its contradictions.

These ideas can’t be reconciled, which reflects how poorly thought out they are.

It's meant to be as complex and confusing as it can be, otherwise it could part of a rational discussion. It's emotional coercion; "if you don't agree with this statement you must be against the people whose this statement is about and therefor an enemy and a heartless monster".

The 3 biggest inconsistencies of gender ideology:

1. Insisting on respect for pronouns but imposing the label ‘cis’ on others.
2. Saying feelings are all that count but encouraging modification of the body.
3. Rejecting pathology but demanding access to medication and surgery.

Yes Elon. Because the losers, degenerates, and outcasts figured out that they can bully the masses into acquiescing to their behaviors under the guise of acceptance, inclusion, and equality. Now, the bar we’ve set as a society in civility is in hell, and it’s a free-for-all.



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