Various Posters #racist

(on a post regarding a story about a black man who died rescuing a suicidal woman from drowning in a river)

(unnigger): What happened in reality most likely is, that the nigger somehow had frightened the woman (it might have tried to rape her), so that she jumped from the bridge, but the nigger's rape itch was so intense, that it jumped in the Thames too. The good news, it drowned and the woman was rescued by authorities.

The official MSM story is definitely a BS, because of so many reasons, I can't list them all here. The most obvious ones are:

- the woman was definitely not suicidal, since she had so many chances to complete the suicide, that had she wanted it, she'd have done it.

- what was the reason "to save" the woman if rescue services were somewhere near? Otherwise, how could they save the woman had it taken for them hours to appear? The nigger definitely tried to rape or rob the poor woman.

(The WCT): Your version is more likely. We here at chimpmania know that a nigger would never help anyone else, especially if it puts them in danger. If he wasn't about to rape her the usual nigger response would be to make a video of it and laugh as they drown.

(GreenNignog): Niggers aren't capable of forethought, so it can't judge situations and outcomes. If a nigger found a women tied to the train tracks, it would still try to muh dik her even if it could literally see the train coming.

(Tired of Them): I've been buzzing off this story for a couple of days now. The pappy of the rockfish has been ooking that he wants some sort of posthumous award for the erstwhile jigaboo. That's niggers for you. Pappy probably wants him knighted or something. I think the rape explanation is entirely likely. The fact that the woman survived and the spook perished makes it even funnier. I haven't heard whether it was a human woman or just a stinky sheboon yet.



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