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All Ukrainian women are built for BPC (Big Polish Cock). They’re all gonna get POLED by THE POLISH HVNK. We’re gonna IMPALE them all. (Why do you think they call us Poles?)

Some Germans accepted the superior culture of Poland and Polonized. My maternal grandmother had a German last name.

There will be no war once we satiate the Russians and Westoids with BIG WEST SLAVIC COCK (BWSC). The Russians and the Westoids need their supply of the BWSC. So they always invade, hoping to either cause a mass migration, have the West Slavs fight for them as mercenaries and spread their superior West Slavic seed, or steal their children like Germany did during WWII.

Brother West Slavs (that includes Slovenes and Croatians). Westoid women need their supply of the BIG WEST SLAVIC COCK (BWSC). Look how strong our seed is. When we race-mix, we produce lawyer, high IQ hottie Miss USA winners (You’re welcome America.)

Drop off your hotties in Madagascar. We WEST SLAV HVNKS will be there to breed them shortly.

Whatever land produced such fine human specimens as us is to be blessed and made a holy site.

Look how the Russian woman lusts after the BIG POLISH COCK:


Polish YouTube channel promoting Polish-Russian relations goes out on the streets and asks Russians, “What do Poles do well?”

One woman responds, “Love-making. They’re good at love-making.”

West Slavs = Best Slavs.

>But they loved our girls, who went weak at the knees in return and flocked to these handsome, brave, glamorous young men, refugees from defeated Poland who had come to Britain to join the fight against Hitler’s hordes — encamped on the other side of the Channel in France and threatening to over-run these shores, too.

>The newcomers from Eastern Europe were so romantic and attentive, bowing from the waist and clicking their heels when introduced, sending flowers after the first date, whispering sweet nothings in a moody foreign language . . . and legendary for their prowess in bed.



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