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My name is p53 and I have important lessons on how Freedom Fighters can oppose what RFK, Jr and others clearly state is “mass depopulation and the attempted enslavement of humanity”. As you probably know, to accomplish this tyranny, the Global Predators are using 5G, AI, digital ‘money’, robots, UBI, vaccines, vaccine passports, wars, more plandemics and endless propaganda as well as engineered emergencies such as disruptions to food, energy, internet and banking. I have written something I hope you will read.

But do we who oppose the New World Fascist Order also need deprogramming because we still cling to our lovely ideas of stopping the Great Reset Psychopaths with reason and debate?
People in need of guidance in how to handle a tyrannical quantum Surveillance State (qSS) can benefit by listening to p53 and teammates.

p53 is a part of your immune system, a system which every second is patrolling, ambushing, destroying, and devouring Invaders and Occupiers. I, p53, am just one member of an elite crew of Destroyers For Life, ‘employed’ by your body. Destroyers who destroy dysfunctional parts in order that the whole remains uncontaminated by sickness, disease and suffering. In the place of those destroyed cells new ones are built. P53 is known as the ‘Guardian of the Cell’ because of p53’s ability to unleash destruction on cancer cells and pathogens that are threatening *your* body with uncontrolled or diseased growth.
For the first step you need to take is understanding the lessons of p53 down to the core of your being: Destruction is the flip side of creation. To create new cells in the body it is often necessary for p53 to first destroy harmful cells. On a societal level, the same applies. Destruction is good, destruction is healthy, destruction is life-saving if it is done to stop tyrants from enslaving you. It can be a loving act of kindness if it is done to stop terrible things being done to you, your family and country.



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