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RE: Angry South Africans Protest in Front of Nigerian Embassy, Demand Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

Black South Africans cannot match Black Nigerians on intellect, the average black IQ in South Africa is 65 to 77 & most of them are in the 65 Range, Nigeria is a bit more clever at 70. So what do they do riot but it's to late as those pesky little Nigerians have had them beat on the business venture front for years now, they truly took Mandela's dream & are living it whilst normal black South Africans are even worse off than pre 1994.

(Silver Fox 183)
Nigerians are the worst Africans of all by far. They are so bad that they are even hated by the other Black Africans, who regard them as incorrigible criminals. When your Black Africans think you are loathsome criminal scum, I'd say you've got some issues.

(Charles Martel Sinclair)
Blacks cannot even stand each other. Why should we care how they treat each other. If they want to go at each other. please do it. Leave us alone, we have enough of you here.



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