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Multiculturalism is wholly incompatible with our Constitution, as it replaces a shared morality with a morality of the lowest common denominator- which is essentially a society without any moral values at all. A diverse culture is fine as long as it preserves a religious faith in the power of each individual to command their own destiny.
Positive rights, such as the right to medical care (or to food), are incompatible with our Constitution, as guaranteeing medical care (or food) to one person invariably means taking it from others – and infringing upon their liberty. People like to forget the flip side of government charity, but everything the government gives one person, it must take from another. The only thing the government can give for free is opportunity, which it does by leaving us alone.

The belief that it is moral for some people to live off the efforts of others – that it is not acceptable for able-bodied adults to have to work for their own survival – is incompatible with our Constitution, as it makes the property of those who work communal, giving the majority the right to take as much of that income as they wish to have.
Critical Race Theory is wholly incompatible with our Constitution. It makes race the central tenet of every interaction, and then denies one person’s freedom to elevate another person – based on race. Critical Race Theory is racist – and a moral society does not teach school children to be racist.
We are not only becoming an immoral people, but a stupid people as well.

A tribalized nation of identity groups, if left free, will tear each other apart. As a result, if we follow the left much further, we will find that our Constitution is wholly inadequate for the governance of an immoral people, and will adopt tyranny instead.



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