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Several years ago, right before Obama ran to be president, I had a vision from God that dealt with this. I was taken by an angel who showed me three ways evil is working on this earth and the way it is manifested. The angel stood behind me and had a sword that he put in my hand, and he kept his hand on mine, and pointed with it to the first scene that opened up. It was my ex husband (before I was saved, I had divorced). Tge angel said, this type of human has a heart for God, but Satan uses temptations of the flesh to lead them astray. I saw then in the vision these demonic women all around him giving him drugs and alcohol, and pulling him away so he couldn't be reached. I called out, but he was unable to hear me. Later on, my ex had reached out several times to go to church, and even got baptized, but eventually succumbed to an overdose on drugs a few years after this vision. The second scene the angel showed me was in a dingy dark apartment. There was a man and woman I had never seen before. The angel pointed at the man and said "this type, has no heart for God at all!" and the angel took my hand and drove the sword into the belly of the man, and there was nothing. The angel said "there is no light in him at all!" And a week later I saw a news article with that man and woman, and they had been arrested for robbing someone and tying them up and beating them in front of their kids! Then the angel took me to the third scene. I saw a giant political platform and it was all dark like night, and the lighting was firelight. People were cheering. Then a black man with a toothy grin appeared on the stage. The angel in a very angry voice said "THIS TYPE, this type is NOT human at all!!!" Aand the angel took my hand with the sword and cut the throat of the politician, and there was no blood. The man just laughed an evil laugh with his throat gaping open. Later i recognized that man to be Obama, and he destroyed the sanctity of marriage in our nation, opening a floodgate of evil. I had this vision before I had even read the word of God. I later learned that what God had shown me, were wheat under attack, tares, and principalities of evil. I understand what Paul meant when he said he didn't know if he was in rhe body or in the spirit, because I didn't know either. The vision was so clear and so detailed, and everything the angel showed me was confirmed later. I've never had anything like that happen before or since.



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