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Ten weeks ago, Gregory Hood and I launched a new podcast: Left, Right, and White. Now we’re inviting you to suggest topics for future episodes.

Greetings. How about discussing the tremendous ecological cost of unsustainable population growth fueled by heavy immigration flow?

You can always tell when an "environmentalist" is just an anti-white nutjob when their first priority is not controlling the population explosion of Africans but instead the immigration of these useless millions into white countries.

(Mr Anthrope)
Exactly - this is where the left/greens/marxists reveal their hypocrisy. They hate humanity, want euthanasia, full term abortion etc, yet when presented with the opportunity to rid the world of a billion people with the Flumanchoo, they lapse into full Stalin mode globally. Unfettered immigration? More garbage, crime, health system burdened, cars on fire or blocks, buildings defaced or razed, women with a half dozen kids by 5 men, all absent of course and no accountability (that would be racist).

Middle and upper class whites will scorn a working class white family as "white trash" if they go into a grocery store and get lots of good deals for cheap, but a black or Hispanic does it, these same whites either say nothing or say "Why, those Hispanics are good shoppers!" A white woman with more than 2 white kids, these whites scorn her for being a breeder, yet say nothing about nonwhites who have large families (and on our dime, too). Middle/upper class white people will lose their bleep when they see a confederate flag or a white nationalist rally, yet willingly support, kneel to and praise nonwhite militants (BLM, La Raza) who want them dead.



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