AnonAutist #psycho

Was ER's attack an aesthic act that no other incel would-be-terrorist can possibly rival?

If you think about it, ER's rampage was the perfect postmodern media event - the only 'blemish' was that failed to get into the sorority house. Had he accomplished that he'd be in the same league as Ted Bundy, Ed Gein, John Wayne Gacy etc etc.

All the ingredients were there, ER had a brand new grievance which he was able to communicate to the public, he was a young, rich, non-ugly, reasonably articulate terrorist, he executed the attack in an idyllic setting - a small seaside California college town and his media strategy was top notch with the iconic YT video at sunset and the manifesto - while whiney and on the long side - written in competent, grandiose and florid prose.

Come to think of it, Brett Easton Ellis couldn't have dreamed this one up. No incel shooter, even if they manage blow up an entire sorority house full of blondes, can outmatch ER.

TL;DR it's over for would-be shootercels. They will always be mogged by ER.



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