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Over a third of white students lie about their race in college admissions, indicating that young Americans are seeking strategies to avoid being negatively impacted by left-wing and anti-white racism on the part of American colleges and universities.

A survey that polled 1,650 white college prospects indicated that 34% lied about their race to make themselves more competitive in applying for college admissions and financial aid at universities. 81% of the students that admitted falsely indicating a non-European race or ethnicity said they hoped to improve their chances at grants and admissions, recognizing the pervasive preference for non-white students on the part of colleges and universities.

Nearly half of white men admitted to claiming to be another race in college admissions.

Okay so now I am really confused! Mama Kamala, AOC, Maxine Waters, and Cori Bush all say because I am a cisgender white male of European pure race ancestry I have undue privilege and in fact my kind run this country as evil monsters?

So is this not the case? Should I wear blackface tomorrow to get a job and speak in ebonics?


How is there white privilege if these students are trying to pretend they are not white?

That is the same type of question as “Why are all the Africans in Africa trying to walk, run and swim a zillion miles to come INTO such a hateful, racist country where they are being LITERALLY HUNTED DOWN AND MURDERED in the streets in cold blood by the racist White man and police just because of the color of their skee-in?” Hmmm… and so we ponder….

(Vox Nihili)
How sad that it has come to this for this generation. While wanting to get a leg up, or at least even the playing field, by claiming non-white ancestry is understandable, I suspect some of them do it to some degree or other out of shame for their whiteness.

Remember, even saying IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE is not okay. These kids have been psychologically abused.



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