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GC Purity Politics: A Threat to Unity? - by Noray

I don’t want to go line by line but I don’t know how useful the concept of purity politics is for women. Purity is bad for men and good for women, because women are already too accommodating to interests that conflict with our own.

Politics is about power and when it comes to the trans issue radical feminists are in the weakest position. That’s how we got routed to begin with and it makes sense for radical feminists to be wary of big-tentism because it didn’t serve us in the past. The religious right is in a better position to fight trans because they have more money and clout. “Terfs” are on the very outside of our natural ally group which are far leftists. Collaboration with the religious right is going to cost us something and them nothing. This doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done, beggars can’t be choosers and all that. But it should be acknowledged.

It becomes increasingly difficult to defend GC movements as progressive or pro-woman when people hold increasing tolerance, or platform fascists on a regular basis.

Why does the charge of fascism always come from the left towards us? The “antifascist” left sends men to punch elderly lesbians and gays, sporting shirts that say “a million dead terfs” and shit like that. I hate men who are against abortion and think women’s proper role is in the home just as much as the next RF, but right now, they are not threatening to kill me, “antifascist” leftists are. Abortion is still legal in my state. But I can’t meet with other women and protest on behalf of lesbians. I can’t say women are adult human females or risk my job or even my life. Again I can’t stand conservative men and I’ve never considered them my friends or allies, but the handwringing about “gender critical fascism” turning away women who openly praise left wing men who write fantasies about raping and murdering lesbians and RFs as justified resistance is goofy. These are the same women who march on behalf of Hamas and Hizbollah… they clearly can handle a little diversity of opinion in the movement.




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