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Context: this person is rationalizing why judge Claude Frollo isn’t the most evil Disney villain. The excerpt from them is in quotation marks. My replies to him are not.

“And to be honest, considering what Drag Me to Hell showed about Romani, not to mention Gypsy Curses being common enough that there’s an entire trope based on them, not to mention how genuinely nasty those can be, I can’t exactly say I blame Frollo for wanting those gypsies gone. They’re no better than pagans with some of those curses. And I really wish Disney didn’t try to whitewash Gypsies like that.”

Me: So you are saying that persecution and genocide of the Romani is just and right?

“Provided it’s targeted towards those who reject God, yeah. The Old Testament had God himself ordering for, if not conducting genocides. Ironically, Saul fell out of favor precisely BECAUSE he “acted merciful” to the Malenkites.

And as far as justifying a so-called “hate crime”, God wasn’t much different. He engaged quite a few of what technically could be classified as hate crimes today, and he’s deemed omnibenevolent. Heck, with Sodom and Gomorrah, he even technically lied to Abraham regarding whether there were even any innocents in the city (and when I say “technically lied”, I mean that because God is omniscient, he knew since before he even created existence that Sodom and Gomorrah lacked ANY innocents at all save for Lot and his family. Put another way, God would have been much closer to being honest with Abraham if he did to the latter what Bahamut did to Ardyn Izunia in the defy fate ending of Episode Ardyn). Besides, until you stop justifying BLM’s hate crimes or ANTIFA’s hate crimes, I suggest you don’t bother calling this hate crimes either.”



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