Bradford C. Walker #sexist #wingnut

Learning how to sift the real from the ephemeral, the rational from the emotional, is part-and-parcel of maturity for boys into men and this is best done by experience and example- something RPGs are very good at doing when played properly.

This should not be a substitute for doing real things, but rather a place to train in a safe environment; let them crash and burn here, where they can learn without injury, rather than out there where the consequences are real and permanent.

And this, I put to you, is why the Death Cult so badly wants to converge RPGs into SJW trash. It not just "a male space", it's one of the few remaining that have real impact when employed properly; fathers, I implore you, use this to aid in guiding your sons to manhood. You will be astounded at how well it works to begin teaching your boys how to be men when you can point to their own virtual experiences to bring the point home.



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