Shawntheimmortal942 #racist #wingnut #conspiracy

And here I thought I can never be surprised by what BLM does anymore but here we are! Then again BLM is taking black cards away from black people who don‘t support them and now I wait for BLM to make anti-semitism speeches and how Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy. I think the joke about commie-nazis from the Simpsons is about to come true! If I see SJWS waving a rainbow flag with the communist symbol and swastika fused together and then call ME or anyone who disagrees with them ”monsters” then I’m gonna die laughing and that’s not a joke! I will happily die knowing SJWs went full commie-nazi or Marxist-nazi or whatever. They want all white people to die and want all cops to die...all they need is a bad haircut, a bad mustache, a mob of crazies and...wait.



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