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A prime convulsion of history erupted in 1918 with the completion of World War 1.

Four Christian Monarchies were crushed:

The Habsburgs of Austria; The Romanovs of Russia; The Hohenzollerns of Germany; and the Kingdom of Greece.

A consequent convulsion of history crystallized in 1945 at the end of World War 2.

Four major European nations came under American rule and continues today:

Germany, France, Italy, Spain.

And Great Britain lost its world hegemony conclusively.

A stunning convulsion of history occurred in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union.

Russia underwent “privatization auctions”—the seizure of state assets—sold at bargain prices that only International Jewry led by Harvard’s Jeffery Sachs could cook up.
Putin’s offer to wed Russia with Europe through trade, science, culture, and defense—offered by Putin on countless occasions up until February 24 2022, profoundly failed.

It could never succeed.

Jews who control the collective West would never allow it.

For with Jewry’s seething hatred of Russia—like the Jews Nudelman and Blinken—despising Russia’s Orthodox Christian civilizational vision, against the Slavic inability to coalesce with the unappetizing Jewish personality, Putin was up against a wall.

Ukraine breaks that wall and finalizes the collective West’s fall.
Pure ”drama” in the Yidishee theatre of make-believe so the goy can say:

“It must be true! I saw it on TV!”

The gold ban is senseless.

Gold will grow in demand while fiat money keeps hitting the trash can.

Russia will sell its gold to China and India, both will sell to Europe and Jewmerica, and at higher prices than Russia would offer.

The Jewish boomerang is in.
Jews pushed Russia into its current military op in Ukraine which completes a multi-polar world and the flop of the Jew-controlled West.

It’s a convulsion of history.

Every wound needs a suture.

Welcome to the future.



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