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Global red communism is here :
There is only one political party in the United States. This is the same political party the western world over. It is the bought and paid-for WEF/UN/Chinese communist party and made up of all democrat and most republican politicians. Those politicians whom have not yet been enticed, bribed and blackmailed are being converted by the love of money as we speak.

Israel is the second biggest money laundering operation in history behind NASA. The Ukrainian false flag operation is a distant third I suspect.
You see (and it hurts) but your political class globally have figured out long ago how to lawfully steal you blind with every tax, fee and fine imaginable. After all, they make the laws. Then they figured out how to launder money through grants and aid without the people's consent. Then they created intricate networks of NGOs and non profits to launder the taxpayer dollars through, all on paper, sweet and legal like. Like an evolution of corruption and racketeering over the last century. To be a politician these days simply means to be racketeer. The corruption is bottomless.

The perfect breeding ground for global communism. Communism always works out wonderfully for the 1% and pretty darn good for their jackboots too. It is that pesky, hungry 90% that it sucks for.

That is right folks, these puppets are purchased with your tax money laundered to the robber barons through their various NGOs and non-profits. The 99% are paying for their own extermination and enslavement. You have no representation in government folks, none whatsoever.
Devil his due because he is quite clever.

The new puppet U.S. administration has laid out the plans given them for the destruction and removal of America as a sovereign nation and world power and they are implementing this destruction very rapidly. The true rulers of the world installed Biden to mock legal American voters. Every display, every gaffe, every illegal edict, every sniff, every grope, every freak show cabinet member. All designed to rub in the fact that America is now under global communist rule and there is nothing you can do about it.

​Now the fruits of this "coup" are becoming clearer each day.



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