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The "black community" and black women in general in the US are the canary down the mine for how society is going in the West

This isn't racism because I have plenty of black pals in real life and some of them agree with me on this. It's just an observation.

Rampant fatherlessness, gang killings, child killings, abortions through the roof, foids who look like shit almost exclusively living off the government tit while refusing to work and only Chads/thugs being accepted as baby daddies, with stand in fathers being expected to be full blown simps on 6 figure incomes if they don't meet the Chad/thug archetype is the future norm for foids in the West. And here's the thing...the black community is practically 100% there already.

BLM is trying to make this shit the norm EVERYWHERE as if it isn't already because that is how you collapse a society and make the plebs all equally as poor as each other. The more stupid white bitches relate to that movement the more they are going to relate to the sort of women who support it and live just like them...which a lot of them already are.

If you don't believe me just check out some Kevin Samuels videos. Every foid he has on there is a 5/10 at best black woman (who just happen to be the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to attractiveness) who thinks she's Beyonce and has 3 sprogs to some Tyrone or thug and is only willing to touch a non Tyrone if he is a fucking high flying CEO with a top of the range car. Fucking crazy.

The future is the lowest value women only accepting the top 1% men and thugs while the rest of us roam around holding our dicks thinking "what the fuck is going on!?"



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