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[Translated from "La discrimination est un droit de l’homme" - "Discrimination is human right"]

We already were banned to discriminate on nationality, religion, race, ethnicity, "sexual orientation", etc. Now the 19th discrimination: we aren't allowed to consider domicile. The State want to hunt down our guilty thoughts[…]
Freedom, discrimination[…] are succesive modalities of a single phenomenon, by which an individual exerces his will. "Discriminate"[…]means distinguish between things or people[…]
Everything started on 1972, with the Pleven Act, punishing "racist" acts or opinions. Antiracism was the matrix of the legal delirium[…]
The state has no right to decide instead of us what's good for us or to prevent us from doing what we deem just. A landlord shall be entitled to choose a renter by his own criterium, and, if he prefer a Black to a White, or the reverse, then it's up to him. A hirer should be able to freely hire whoever he wants and no one shall enjoin him to use religion, sex, ethnicity, religion or race, if he deems it fitting his business's interest

At this point, we are worried. In their futor, anti-discrimination fanatics could have the impudence to attack some of the most prestigious institution of the Republic[…]The proportion of Jews in the Rothschild Bank was higher than their proportion in the French population. Thus, they discriminate in favor of Jews. By principle freedom-loving, we think no one should attack the unalienable right of this bank to prefer Jews to Catholics. Freedom for the Rothschild Bank![…]If we were to ban Rothschilds from discriminating, some wouldn't miss to denounce this ingerence as persecution[…]
This imaginary scenario is evidence of how absurd and illegitimate is the anti-discrimination legislation[…]Justice being universal, discrimination shouldn't be only a right for the Jewish man, it also should be a right for the common man



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