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Anyone who is not on Earth’s specific frequency to awaken and heal, ie open to incoming ascension energies; the inner waves of harmonic resonances that lead to unity consciousness will have to transform or fail. This consists of your body and soul, and it’s science and measurable, real fact, called Schumann resonances which are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and incited by energies in our universe and perceptible during lightning strikes.
Each matter has its own frequency; just touch the table or window and you will hear the difference in sound, which is the frequency of each. Likewise, atoms, molecules and cells have their own frequency. If these frequencies match the frequency of the body’s cells or molecules, a resonance is generated. This is called bio-resonance. Living matter reacts to any frequency that corresponds and consequently can be received.

Cells can be affected by bacteria, fungi, viruses, cosmic radiation, X-rays, ultraviolet light, and toxic substances. These changes in the DNA code, which is copied to the next generation, occur through cell divisions, ionizing radiation, some viruses, and recently through Covid mRNA vaccination.
Frequency therapy applies a multitude of different frequencies simultaneously. It is a harmless homeopathic treatment, comparable to rewriting a hard drive, but in this case the rewriting of the immune system and DNA structure that are completely reprogrammed eliminating autoimmune diseases that, among other roots, are caused by the injection of mRNA.
Medical beds have the ability to regenerate missing organs like gallbladder, kidneys or lymph nodes etc. Through the use of spectra and frequencies of light.
It’s not from planet Earth. It is not a technology created by a humanoid. It is a technology that was given to humanity by extraterrestrials from other worlds. A Med Bed is based on the energy of tachyon particles, which are hypothetical faster-than-light particles and plasma energy.



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