Reloader #racist #psycho

Reloader #racist #psycho niggermania.net

[Title: “Multiple stories of nigger panhandlers over the Christmas holiday”]

1. 2 weeks before Christmas I had a doc appointment, nigger in docs parking lot demanding money from people. Not asking for money but demanding it, "Hey give me 5 dollars" to everyone it saw. It approached me and I told it to fuck off. It calls me a racist and I agree with it and tell it Hell yeah I'm a racist, I fucking HATE niggers! which further angers it. I call the cops from the docs waiting room and report an aggressive feral ape threatening humans in the parking lot. When my appointment was over the nigger was no where to be seen.

2. A couple days later I had to get groceries. A different nigger is begging for change, using the guilt trip of Christmas and I aint gots no money to get my kids any presents. It gives me the sob story and and I tell him to fuck off. It calls me a racist and I agree with it, and tell him Hell yeah I'm a racist I fucking HATE niggers! He actually looked like he was going to cry. Fuck you and your whole nigger family. He leaves me alone and trots off to harass another human. I call the cops from inside the grocery store and report an aggressive feral ape harassing humans in the parking lot. He too was no where to be seen when I was done in the store.

3. Last Wednesday (week before Christmas) I had another doc appointment, different doc, different parking lot, different nigger begging for money. It asked me for any spare change so he could get something to eat. I offered to "How about if I shit down your throat you fucking groid" he actually stepped back like I had hit him. It mumbled something about "sorry to bother you" and left me alone. I called the police from the docs waiting room and reported an aggressive feral ape harassing humans in the parking lot. This time I saw the cops questioning the nigger from the docs waiting room windows about 20 minutes later. I got called back to see the doc and have no idea if the nigger went for a ride or not. He was no where to be seen when I was done.

4. Monday this week, had to run into town for vanilla extract, eggs, milk and heavy whipping cream. The little shop in town is high priced but worth it for odds and ends. Niggers usually avoid it due to the prices. Not this time. Nigger on the front sidewalk opening the door for folks entering and leaving and putting his handout, to collect "his pay" for opening the door. I shit you not, he opened the door for me and put his hand out. I ignored it and got the stuff I needed. Nigger opened the door again and put his hand out, this time like he was trying to block my way out. I told it "If you know what's good for you, you'll get the fuck out of my way and put that hand in your goddamn pocket" I called the cops from my truck to report an aggressive feral ape harassing humans in the parking lot and left.

5. Christmas Eve. I drove to the county seat to see the Christmas lights, all was fine, the lights looked great and people were having fun walking around and taking pictures. Then the niggers showed up and literally went from person to person asking for "donations for the chrizmus lights" as if they had some hand in their presence there. I called the Sheriff who I am on a 1st name basis with and let him know exactly what is happening. Maybe 7 minutes later 4 deputies show up and round up the niggers, 3 went for a ride due to warrants, 1 was told to "go home". 3 niggers spent Christmas in jail and the magistrate is on vacation till next week so they're most likely still there.

6. No niggers yesterday or today. It's a Christmas miracle.

Caucasian Ju-Ju #racist #crackpot

Caucasian Ju-Ju #racist #crackpot niggermania.net

The nigger brain is such a simple organ, that when complex thought is required, (ie a law enforcement officer explaining "what it did wrong" and why it is being aperested) the nigger brain tends to "break" and goes into "survival mode".

This is similar to when your computer "blue scenes" because of an error, then reboots into safe mode.

The nigger will repeat it's nigger babble, over and over, until the nigger brain is reset with some food (KFC/watterymellon), liquid refreshment (purpal drank, malt-liqqor (mad-dog, boons farm, or hennesy)), a menthol cigarette (Newport/Kool), drugs (crack rock/jenkum), or sex (muh-dik/muh-Koochie).

Knuckledragger #racist

Knuckledragger #racist niggermania.net

I recently attended a health screening hosted by the labor union to which I am a member of. They do this every year. What I do is register ahead of time. On the day of the fair, my wife and I go to the union hall. They have it set up where members sign in upon arrival. The hall room is partitioned off, where one part has kiosks set up with information regarding physical fitness, dental, vision, and mental health as well as a few drawings for prizes. Also, they have tables set up with donuts, bagels, juice, coffee, and fruit as well as tables to eat. The other part that is partitioned off is where they draw the blood of member’s and their spouse’s, which sent out to a lab for screening. We partake in this event annually because it sheds a substantial amount of money off of our health insurance deductible. So my wife and I sign in and take a seat. We have our youngest child with us (1 1/2 years old) because we have to take him for a doctor’s office visit immediately afterwards. Soon after we take our seats to wait for the blood draw, a younger small blond lady comes out and called out “Mrs. Kuckledragger.” Off my wife goes behind the partition with her, as this is the person who is to draw her blood.

I’m now sitting with my son in my lap, already thinking “please don’t stick me with a nigger,” and just a few moments later, an extremely fat, ugly sheeboon comes out and calls out for “Mr. Knuckledragger.” “Oh fuck,” I’m thinking as my heart starts racing. No way do I want Drunkeesha sticking me with needles and apetemting to draw blood from me. I start to fall into a panic mode as I follow that sow back behind the partition. “What do I say,” I’m thinking. “How do I get out of this? I can’t say ‘no way will I let some damn nigger stick me with a needle!’” As I walk to the blood draw area, I see my wife seated at a table with the young blond lady. She has a big smile on her face. “Yeah, real funny,” I’m thinking. And then she mouths to me “I love you,” and makes a kissy face at me. So the nice blond lady tells Drunkeesha, “hey, I’m going to take Mr. Knuckedragger too, this way him and his wife can take turns and look after their baby.” “YESSSSS!” I’m thinking. God I love that woman soooooo much. She really saved my ass there with some quick thinking. So I was able to avoid the groid and had the nice young blond lady take care of the both of us. And she was very nice, and sweet, and caring. You can really tell by talking with her for the short time we did. And again, ladies and gentlemen, my lovely, beautiful and talented wife was, as usual, is the shining superstar. I later told her about how much I love her and I owe her big time.

Eye See #racist

Eye See #racist niggermania.net

The other day my girlfriend wanted to go out and look for a car so we went out to drive through some dealerships. At one place we saw a car she wanted to look at and it was quite always from the show room. As usual a “salesman” soon starts to walk over to us from the showroom but this one was a skinny nigger that looked like it was straight out of africa. He sees that I noticed him as he was about half way to us and he started waving so with a smile on my face I waved back. Then my GF and I jumped into my truck and went to the opposite end of the lot to look at another car.

So the nigger starts making its way to where we’re at now and I let him get about half way to us again. Then we drive to the back corner of the lot and get out, at this point I don’t care about the car I’m just having fun making this nigger chase us around the lot. Before he makes to us this time we head back over the first car we were looking at. I went ahead and waited for it to make it over to us this time. I ask him the price and he says something and I say, “ok thanks!” And jump in the truck to leave. The flustered nigger is trying to see if we wanted to go in and talk about it and I just say, nope. Then he asks me if he could give me his business card. I just looked at him and said, no I don’t need it. Put the truck in drive and left with the nigger just standing there staring at us drive away.

Edit: I forgot to mention it’s been below freezing here and that made it all the more entertaining.

Carolina Tar Monster #racist

Carolina Tar Monster #racist niggermania.net

The Japanese, like people everywhere outside North America, Western Europe and Australasia, aren't plagued by Communist lies. That's why they freely and naturally tell the truth about Niggers.

Niglets are pigshit #racist

Niglets are pigshit #racist niggermania.net

They don't have human skins. They have ape skins. A pure-blooded groid is as black and repulsive as a gorilla. Their skins, unlike those of humans, have smelly and dark substances in them which gives them their repulsive and ugly complexion. Also, niggers sweat urea (a major component of urine) through their skin pores which, when combined with the oil and dirt on their skins, creates the characteristic rancid odor of groids. Their hideous complexion is Nature/God's way of telling humans these animals are not human. These are APES. And apes do not belong in human societies.

heinrich himmler #racist

heinrich himmler #racist niggermania.net

This is excellent thinking. You know your nigger. The darker, the stupider. Of course, all of these filthy spooks are more like gorillas than humans.
As a matter of fact, this was proven in a study done at Oxford University in 1937. It was firmly established that the nigger is a sub-species of the ape. The Brits even successfully mated several captive niggers with gorillas in cages at the London Zoo in that same year as an adjunct to the Oxford investigation. Just look at one. The nose, the lips, the knuckle dragging - all are dead giveaways.

It pays to be very wary of niggers trying to pass as human beings. The high yellows often try this trick. Look at the fingernails - niggers' have no moons. The rancid odor is also a dead giveaway. Also, no matter how hard they try to speak English, nigger-babble creeps in. I "be," etc. As a human being, you must be vigilant.

Sieg Heil 88/14

Reloader #racist

Reloader #racist niggermania.net

I live in a farming community and buy my produce at a farm store. On my way down the dirt path to the store I counted about 12 nigs working in the fields. Picking tomatoes, picking melons, picking squash, picking snap beans, the kind of work they are perfectly suited for. I get to the farm store and there's not a single nigger to be seen. Genteel southern charm exudes from the old lady working the counter, her granddaughter and son also work there.

Everything was yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, no sir. A nigger came up to the back door of the store with a basket full of cucumbers and waited there quietly, waiting to be recognized. It never knocked, or spoke. The son saw him, walks back to open the door and takes the basket, the nigger never uttered a word or attempted to enter the store. He returned back to the fields to continue his labor. I stood in utter amazement at how well trained their niggers were. If I closed my eyes I could just about imagine how life was on the plantation in the early 1800's. How can one yearn for a time they have never lived in? But I yearn, yearn for those genteel southern times of plantation life before the war of Northern aggression.

WhitesAreTheEvolved #racist

WhitesAreTheEvolved #racist niggermania.net

As many of us have noticed noticed, many movies are being remade but with niggers replacing humans in the lead roles. The Little Mermaid, James Bond, Aladdin, Star Wars, you name it and it is being remade with filthy niggers. There's simply no other explanation other than to promote niggers. Niggers have been added into places of history where they clearly do not belong in an effort to cover up the fact that niggers accomplished nothing before coming into contact with whitey (and not much after), as I have mentioned earlier.

This nigger bullshit is just getting silly. Over the past ten years or so, slowly, more and more people have realized the truth about niggers by themselves. People are finally getting tired of being forced to basically worship niggers and give them all sorts of special treatment when niggers do nothing to deserve it, and the fact that anybody who questions niggers in the slightest has their life destroyed. People are sick of every single thing getting accused of being racist, and are tired of giving niggers more benefits just for being niggers as time goes on. I think it's safe to say that TNB itself has played a role in the change of opinion as well.

The response to this change? Promote niggers and nigger propaganda to fight it. Both political parties coddle the niggers and Hollywood does everything possible to glorify niggers as they have done for decades, now they are going into full speed with it. The reality is that niggers are just as dumb and primitive as they've always been. Chances are very high that the general public will never be niggermaniacs, but a few will always know.

Various people #racist

Various people #racist niggermania.net

[We Wuz Cowboyz. "1 in 4 cowboys were niggers" says Smithsonian Magazine]

Fugly sow-buck Katie Nodjimbadem, writing for the Smithsonian Magazine:

"One in four cowboys was nigger. So why aren't they more present in popular culture?
Few images embody the spirit of the American West as well as the trailblazing, sharpshooting, horseback-riding cowboy of American lore. And though nigger cowboys don't play a part in the popular narrative, "historians" "estimate" that one in four cowboys were groids.

[Nogroidsplease] Funny that this is brought up. My wife was watching Yellowstone last week and I said "hhmmm, I wonder where the mandatory nigger is"? I kid you not, 5 minutes later a nigger cowboy shows up who knows how to cowboy better than the white cowboys! She looks at me and shakes her head and said "How absurd there's no nigger cowboys! Well I guess you won't be watching this with me." I said "nope, I wasn't going to anyway."

[nexus1961] I'd sure like to see the actual research they did to prove any of this......like any exists...
we all know this was pulled straight out of some Dumb nigger or some nigger's enabler's ass.

I. R. Coon #racist

I. R. Coon #racist niggermania.net

[A user signature]

The only blacks who I support are the All Blacks!!!
I ❤ you Katie of www.fstdt.com, when you quote me!!!

Niggers and humans are not the same species, humans got Neanderthal DNA. So hug your inner Neanderthaler.
My own rules:
1: Avoid/ ignore the groid
2: Breaking the law is for niggers, so stick to the law
3: the shitskin is the problem/ root of all evil
4: The shit skin is a parasite
5: The shit skins are cowards
6: It's not our equal
7: It's burden to society

Marse Jim #racist

Marse Jim #racist niggermania.net

There was a major chess tournament in Niggadelphia this weekend (World Open) that had large prize money (even low-rated players can win their section and win $5K-10K). Unlike most chess tournaments, this one brings in the niggers because of the large prize money. It's disgusting. Niggers think that because they can beat all the other niggers in the prison cellblock, they must be good at chess. They even enter sections for only high-rated players, despite having beginner ratings themselves (equivalent to maybe a human five year old).

And they're absolutely awful. Chess is about visualization and evaluating future chess positions in your head. The nigger's ape brain can only process the here-and-now. The only reason they could win in prison was because they memorize five-move trick openings that only work against absolute beginners or other niggers. However, serious chess players that play in tournaments don't fall for stupid opening tricks. It was comical how the nigger I got paired against tried its dumb trap opening, I easily stopped it, then it had no idea what to do and made comical mistakes because of its lack of ability to plan ahead. I quickly checkmated it. Then like all other niggers it got angry, spoke some indecipherable niggerbabble and stormed out of the room.

The thing is, an easy victory against a simple nigger doesn't help your rating, because they're so low-rated in the first place so you don't get a ratings boost like you would playing against a human at your same rating. It was not fun at all and worst of all I had to smell its niggerstench the whole time. Now goddamn niggers are ruining what you'd think is an exclusive little hobby! Is nothing safe from the nigger?

NAFBW #racist

NAFBW #racist niggermania.net

I was going to bring up this exact point as I read until I saw that you brought it up yourself. There's a vocal minority of niggers who publicly state that they want to resegregate, but the truth of the matter is, it's happening on its own anyway. I'm seeing less and less social race mixing now than I did a decade ago. Honestly, I believe that Obama is to blame/thank for that. His time as HNIC drove an irrefutable, unretractable wedge between all sorts of races, not just between what nigger/human relations were prior. And things already weren't great prior to the 2008 election; the fact that this site existed prior to Obama's elevation and apparently only gained momentum in the interim speaks volumes to that fact. Obama woke a lot of people up. And those people don't want anything to do with niggers anymore.

So in that vein, I don't think it would take a lot to reinstate segregaton, socially speaking, since it's already happening. Legally, I think it would be a cinch to realign the schools, especially at the higher levels. In terms of education, just allow historically nigger college/universities to admit ONLY niggers. The rest can be open to humans of any other race who can act decently and follow the rules of society. Nigger colleges would therefore be allowed to teach the "we beez Egyptian" curriculum. In middle and high schools where humans are in the minority, simply extract the few remaining humans (teachers and students alike) and either build a new location or bus them to a safer district. Ensure they get funding and the proper curricula. In terms of sports and extracurricular activities, continue those, but under no circumstances should niggers and humans compete against one another. Humans vs. humans, niggers vs. niggers. (Imagine THOSE football games.)

Elementary school (K-4 in my state, your mileage may vary) is easy; take the above premise and implement it, but add segregation itself to the curriculum and expand that as they get older. As human children enter kindergarten, we begin lessons on exactly WHY we segregate, what happened when we desegregated, and why society has improved since we resegregated. Use facts, figures, IQ scores, studies, news articles (as they get older), prison statistics, and the like. It's neither racist nor propaganda if you can prove it. And that's just the education system, which I know a lot about, having formerly spent some time in it. There are all sorts of social norms we'd have to refine in many other aspects, but I think that moving forward, society would be better off. If this topic takes off, I'll try to write more on the subject. I've thought a lot about it.

TrueAryan1939 #racist

TrueAryan1939 #racist niggermania.net

So, I was sitting in math class about an hour ago and I was doing my work, after I finished my work I wanted to leave the classroom (I have a truancy problem and my math class is filled with niglets) I quietly walked up to the human math teacher to ask her if I could "go to the bathroom" however, in an environment with niggers you all already know that this did not go smoothly, a niglet noticed me and said "Ayo, why dis nigga always be leavin an sheeit?!"

I looked the niglet straight in its yellow eyes and said "mind your own fucking buisness" admittedly, I was trying to piss it off for self entertainment, it immediately got up and it adopted an aggressive fighting stance. Barely understandable Niggerbabble spewed from it's blimp lips, it did this for about 5 minutes and had a few fits even after that. It even said "my ancestaz wuz oppressed why de fuck did I let a whitey talk to me like that?

And stuff like this is why I'm a neonazi

NiggersAreSubhuman #racist

NiggersAreSubhuman #racist niggermania.net

Dude, you are not crazy. Hating niggers is actually quite normal and has been done for thousands of years, even in the Bible. Only in the last 30 years suddenly we are told that niggers are just like us -- and that create conflicts within you because you know that they are not like us at all.

On the other hand, you feel guilty for hating niggers because you are decent person who was brought up to be good person and you don't understand where all this hate within you is coming from. Keep in mind I'm not a mental health professional and I use the term crazy loosely - if you believe you are really crazy see a doctor.

Did a nigger cause you any trauma?

NigorMortis #racist

NigorMortis #racist niggermania.net

I have to deal with all kinds of bullshit arising from bureaucratic incompetence. I chose yesterday afternoon to clear the decks of two things. The first one was with our insurance company, an employee went to go to the dentist and the dentist said they had no coverage which was bullshit since we've been paying the premium for months. So I call and get Shaquesha or similar, it of course has no clue what to do so it say it gonna dun find da right department n' sheet and do I mind a brief howd n' sheet? Sure, I say. So I'm on hold for probably 20 minutes, the sheboon finally gets back on and says the humans have solved the problem. Relatively minor coontact, I guess, but the acceptable number of coontacts is zero so it still is a pain.

Now on to the second coontact. We recently filed our state income tax return. We had no tax liability, but the State of AZ assesses a minimum $50 tax. So on the tax return we have a $50 tax, estimated payments of a lot more, so when you subtract the $50 from the amount paid we have effectively paid the $50. Didn't write a check, but the tax is paid. I get a bill from the idiots at the state asking for their $50 plus $3 of penalties and interest. Out of principle I call bullshit and call the number to get it fixed. I end up with yet another sheboon, I humanly explain the obvious error and the sheboon says “OK aw u gotta do iz sen’ in da proofa da payment to da cussamer serbiss address”. I say “Understood, but we paid the tax by lowering our refund on the return, and you already have the return.” The boon is silent (nice bonus!), clearly no clue. So I say “do you want me to photocopy the return and send that as proof?” “Das currec”, says the boon and I get off the phone.

Bonus in all of this is that I confirmed that my boss is a niggermaniac. I went to him to vent, and I was acting out the boon’s language and he was laughing his ass off. He had told me about his son making some comments about niggers, so I figured I’d go for full confirmation of his niggermaniac status.

Murica1488 #racist

Murica1488 #racist niggermania.net

My brother in law is away on business so my sister asked me to come trick or treating with my niece and nephew and goto a party after. Sounded lovely. Walked around with the kids for a while then back to a neighbors house for pizza and candy trading. As we are walking in the house, I hear the unmistakable sound of inappropriately loud nigger.

Sure enough there was Tisha, pronounced Teesha, yelling at her niglets to play nice. My sister knows how I am and tells me she’s not that bad just grin and bear it for the kids. So I did my best to stay away from the niggress, notice I didn’t say her husband... Once the kids got settled the adults sat down, had some beers and enjoyed ourselves when the NYC terror attack comes up.

I tried to stay silent and play on my phone but then the sheboon proclaims, “its a shame we live in a world like this. People can’t even go for a walk. The klan has been doing this for years”. Myself and 2 other men at the table shot this nigger the evilest eye we could come up with. Within 15 min, everybody went home. Thanks nigger.

Apefrican #racist

Apefrican #racist niggermania.net

A few years ago, I had a money order to pick up at a Western Union store.

I had used the particular store before, but haven’t dealt with this particular nigger behind the counter. It was a young coon. All dressed up in a spiffy uniform, doing it’s best to hide the shitbeast within by sounding all civilized. “Ahm sorry suh!” “Ah cants do dat suh!” “Dat be against uh rules”.

I couldn’t pick up the money order because I had an out of state drivers license, and according to the coon, I had to have an in state drivers license, which was of course nonsense.

Despite claiming what “da rules be” it was clear that this particular dindu had no clear idea what the rules really were. Kinda like having a monkey read the instruction manual to a car. It might figure out that “shiaat” happens if it turns the ignition key, but no real understanding of what is really happening, and what to do next.

I finally gave up arguing with him, but not before casually saying: “Fine, fine... No reason to be a nigger about it!” (Even though I wasn’t a full on Niggermaniac yet, I couldn’t resist the temptation to get back at him.)

The change in the spear-chucker was as sudden as it was violent. The facade of civilization, the “suh”s and any pretense of being a harmless magic negro was instantly gone, and the halfwit expression in his eyes were replaced by raw, ape-like fury. For a second it felt like I’d been transported hundreds of thousands of years back in time, to an African savannah.

“WHADDAFUG YOUZ BE SAYING IMMA MOFUGGINGFUGYUUP MOFOGGA” He started eeking and ooking, jumping up and down and shaking his fist as if holding an imaginary spear or human bone in his hand. Alas, I didn’t stay to enjoy the rest of the chimpout, and was already halfway out the store before he bellowed out his first “mofugga”.

Mr. Fox #racist

Mr. Fox #racist niggermania.net

I suppose that I’m what you’d call a lurker- I’ve been following this forum with interest for some time, and have often felt tempted to add my comments but have never felt irresolutely moved to do so until now. What has prompted me to put digital pen to virtual paper is this thread, which I think is THE definitive introduction to and precis of niggerology. If the subject were taught in schools, which it should be, in my opinion (some hope, I know!) I would make some of the posts on here part of the foundation course.

I have never considered myself a racist in the sense of being prejudiced against any race. Indeed, I know people from all parts of the world: Oriental, Asian, Hispanic- many of whom are good friends. I’m also married to one of them! Acknowledgement of the difference between races, is OK, whether you’re referring to physical appearance or behavioural tendencies, and I know that my lovely Malaysian neighbour and my Hispanic wife would agree.

Whether the nigger is a race or a species is a matter of genetics, a subject of which I have very little knowledge, so I can’t express an informed opinion. It’s convenient though, as far as I’m concerned, to use the word “human” to refer to any non-nigger humanoid. In that sense, I am a racist, in that I class niggers as a separate group from the rest of humanity, inherently of low intelligence, violent and anti-social. So, what made me aware of the difference?

There are two main themes that crop up again and again on this forum:

1. A well-balanced, unbiased, liberal-minded individual, with no particular opinions about niggers, because he or she has grown up in an unfuxated area, moves to a fuxated town or city and becomes a niggermaniac within weeks, if not days.

2. A like-minded individual is put into a situation where he/she has to work with niggers, leading to the same result.

Both of these apply to me. I live in London, UK, in an outlying 100% nigger-free suburb, which is one of the reasons my wife and I moved here. Previously, we lived in a more central area, which was gradually becoming overcome with the feral beasts. It was the happiest day of our lives when we moved out. Before that, I grew up in a moderately large town which was also virtually uncoontaminated. We have a very small nigger population in Britain- in the region of 3-4%, and, following the principle of like attracting like, it tends to be concentrated in certain areas, mainly inner-city ghettos. (Niggers will turn any area into a ghetto, as we all know.) Therefore, it’s possible to lead one’s entire life in most parts of Britain without encountering more than an occasional nigger, as I did up until I hit my mid-forties.

I’ve worked for most of my life in the broadcast production industry, where strict, immovable deadlines and occasional long days and missed weekends are the norm. At the time we first moved to London, I was working for a small independent company, owned and run by humans, but with a nigger manager supervising me. This creature did everything in its power to make all our lives as difficult as possible. A favourite trick was to reschedule work so that an important project would be in danger of over-running because we were concentrating on trivial, low-priority tasks, then complaining that the main work was not being done. It would criticise us for the slightest mistake (often caused by having to rush the job to get it finished) invent non-existent problems… I could write a long, long list.

It became normal for me to have to start work at 7 am and work through to midnight, just to get a project up and running on schedule. Naturally, my health suffered, and, looking back, I was probably on the verge of a breakdown. Along with others, I frequently complained to the senior management, who were understanding. The problem was that our employment laws here are so strict that, unless it could be shown that the nigger had committed some gross criminal act, it was virtually impossible for it to be fired. Then there are our race relation laws. If it had shouted “Racist!” the company would have faced a long and very expensive legal battle, which could have cost tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

An old, and oft-repeated story I know… One day I decided that I’d had enough, went to see the senior manager and quietly informed him that I was leaving then and there. I walked out of the job that I loved and to which I was dedicated, even though I had nothing else to go to, though fortunately I was not unemployed for long. If living in a fuxated area had not already made me a niggermaniac, my experience in this job would have. This is quite a long first post, so I’d like to close here by offering sincere thanks to all who administer and contribute to this forum, particularly those who have offered their invaluable insights on this particular thread.

WP123 #racist

WP123 #racist niggermania.net

Alright, alright, alright, I know what you’re going to say putting stupid and aggressive along with nigger is a bit redundant, I know, but I wanted to emphasize this aspect of this coontact. Why the heck did I take a rideshare with a jigaboo? Well, basically I needed to get from one city to another and I could only get the ticket the same day. Long story. A flight would have been prohibitively expensive, like $300 – 400, all the cheap seats on the train were sold out, only the most expensive tickets were still available priced at over $200. A rideshare however only costs $15 between these two cities, so I got a rideshare, no surprise the driver was a nigger. Well, I had to go and I had to go right then.

The nigger spoke in a different language, same as the city and region we were driving to. He put on a Christian nigger preacher along the way. It was loud, and I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying but the way he was saying it was all too recognizable. It sounded like blah-blah-blah-PLOW!!! Boom-boom-boom-BAM!!! I.e. similar to the way a voodoo nigger, or shaman would “preach,” then when he was done with that he broke out into song being accompanied by a bunch of sheboon background singers.

Anyway, we did have a pre-arranged drop off point, but then when the nignog started talking to me with his poor English skills, he said he could drop me off at any point. So, I said okay could you drop me off at the Central Station (i.e. the train station). “I don’t know where dat is.” So, I explained it to him and I told him that, I could guide him along the way. I literally spent so much time trying to explain to him how to get there, e.g. “just drive on the street south of X street, in a parallel direction, etc…” He didn’t understand anything. Then I showed him the map and tried to explain how he could stop before our pre-arranged drop off point to get there. Damn it!!! Was he ever dumb, I mean how else can you explain this to somebody?

He said I could direct him where to go when we approached the destination. Then I got the idea that I would just say the name in the other language. So, I said “Central Station” in the other language. Then the jigaboo is like “Central Station, I know where Central Station is” I tried to show him the map on my smartphone again and he says “poot dat away I know where Central Station izzz..” “I thought you said it was close to Y subway (it was) das why I didn’t know…”. I got a bad feeling this (probably Congolese) nigger was going to muck things up.

I had to be at the train station by a certain time. Anyway, he started to go in the completely wrong direction, and I’m like “hey look at the map you’re going in the wrong direction, to which he replied “no mahn we be there in like 5 minutes.” Long story short he brings us close to the original drop off point except it was a couple of blocks down from it and it was the wrong place. I said to him this is not the “Central Station” he’s like “Yes dis is Central Station,” I said, “No this is the Central Bus Station, not the Central Station which is a train station as I explained!”

That’s when this nigger just started chimping out. He was shoving my phone with the map away and basically just being a nigger. Anyway, I had an injury and didn’t want to argue or anything at that point (what would be the use? He’s a nigger, he wouldn’t understand most of what I said) I just paid him and got the Hell out of there. I also called the hosting service and complained. How dumb do you have to be to go in the wrong direction, and think that the map was wrong and ignore all of my previous directions, etc. I mean seriously how dumb? I spent like half of an hour trying to explain it to him, and showed him the map. And then chimping out at the end instead of apologizing and trying to be civil. The lesson is, as always, unless you absolutely have to:



GROIDSSUCK #racist niggermania.net

I had a friend over for dinner who shared a nigger coontact he had when he went to Vegas for a convention. This happened a few years ago, and while he wasn’t a niggermaniac at that time, it sure turned him into one afterward...He was working for a title company and the company had a convention in Vegas. It would be a 3-day event and he decided to drive there with a couple of co-worker friends who helped split the gas bill. He managed to book a nice room at a hotel and he was looking forward to the stay.

Just days before leaving, a recently-hired nigger in the company asked if he could join his carpool. My friend said sure, no problem, as he had one extra seat left, and he let the nigger know how much he would be expected to contribute for splitting the gas bill...the nigger looked relieved to find a ride and agreed. I’ll spare much of the long story, but the nigger wouldn’t shut up talking during the entire car trip to Vegas (which was several hours)..the nigger yammered on ad nauseum about this being its first trip to Vegas and how it was looking forward to the nightlife there and getting sum action etc...he had stinky breath which lingered in the air of the car, like bad body odor...pretty disgusting...he cranked up the air conditioning to mitigate the smell, and other car passengers offered him some chewing gum to help the nigger freshen its breath, but it didn’t help much.

My friend was glad to finally reach Vegas in the late evening and be done with listening to the nigger (who was west African with a thick African accent). They arrived at the hotel checkin desk and my friend was collecting his key and preparing to go to his room when his nigger coworker was heard loudly chimping out at the checkin manager (apparently the nigger’s reservation via the online booking system never went through properly and they didn’t have a room for him, even though the nigger had a reservation receipt) it was convention time in Vegas so everything was booked up solid. The checkin mgr apologized but offered to check with other hotels to find the nigger a vacancy elsewhere.

My friend turned away and went up to his room, glad to have some quiet downtime, and after the long drive he was looking forward to soaking in the tub and settling down for the night...about 30 mins later there was a knock at his room door, and it was the nigger co-worker, who coonplained about the hotel messing up his reservation and they could not find another hotel with a vacancy since it was during a peak in convention season...so he pleaded with my friend if he could stay the night in his room until he could get things sorted out with the hotel the next morning. My sleepy friend reluctantly agreed...the nigger had to sleep on the floor.

Again, the nigger kept yammering and coonplaining about the hotel messing up his reservation, made lots of noise settling down for sleep, and my friend had a fitful night’s sleep because the nigger snored alot and also talked in its sleep...The next morning, the nigger took its sweet time getting showered and dressed to leave for the convention, making my friend late in the process, as he didn’t want to leave ahead and leave the nigger alone in his hotel room with his belongings and luggage there...

The nigger was able to secure another room for the following night, so the nigger moved out and my friend finally had the room to himself again, but he worried about having to give the nigger a ride back home in his car after the convention was over...he dodged the nigger throughout the convention, and managed to steer clear of the nigger so he would not feel compelled to give the nigger a ride back...he wasn’t sure how the nigger managed to get home from Vegas, but it probably sponged a ride home with some other coworker...That experience with the nigger helped turn him into more of a niggermaniac...

Inquisitor #racist

Inquisitor #racist niggermania.net

This coontact happened to me two days ago. I was enroute to work and driving down the highway as usual. I suddenly got behind a yellow moped that was being driven by a nigger. But something was not quite right here. The moped was jumping up and down constantly the entire time as it was traveling down the road for no aparent reason. I was trying to figure out why this was happening, because the road was not bumpy at all. After a few minutes of puzzling over this I decided to go around it and see what the deal was.

And guess what I saw? This nigger was taking its right hand and throwing it up and down and making some kind of weird ape be-bopping motions with its mouth and hand while holding onto the handlebar with two fingers on its left hand. It was this weird “up and down jacking-off type motion” that was causing the moped to go up and down on its own shock absorbers. Since this was a four-lane highway, I pulled up right beside it, turned, and just STARED at it with the most "you are a dumb ass" expression that I could come up with at that moment.

I have no idea why, but it suddenly stopped the be-bopping, put both hands on the handlebars, and continued on its way normally, looking at me nervously. I then finished my passing and drove to work shaking my head. I halfway expected that idiot to go sprawling on the pavement because it’s fingers slipped off of the handlebars. No such luck

Murica1488 #racist

Murica1488 #racist niggermania.net

The Nigger Bakkatball Association could go with the NFL. These ignoranus niggers have way to much to say like LeBoon calling Trump a bum. If LeBoon wasn’t making millions playing playground games, where would he be? A bum looking for handouts and muh dicks.

All these months I’ve been wondering why niggers hated Trump since he never actually said anything about them. Today I came to the realization after 8 years of Obongo s big nigger lips sucking their dicks over every thing they felt bad about, they can’t take someone calling them on their bullshit.

Sports is one of humanity’s last hopes. It’s a huge business. Stop going, stop watching, the owners will realize why. Then they have two choices, blackball all niggers or keep them in their place like we used to.


GROIDSSUCK #racist niggermania.net

Back in the early 1970s, I remember going with my family to north-eastern California to Lassen National Park; its a place well-forested and strewn with lava rocks and boulders that were once spewed all over the landscape by long-extinct Mount Lassen volcano....

We stayed at a moderate-sized motel with a pool with a scenic view, and there was horse-riding, hiking and campfire programs...I remember a campfire program that was hosted by a park ranger who looked just like howdy-doody...he played the ukelele and led us through a bunch of campfire somgs, showed a slideshow explaining the local wildlife, etc., and the evening campfire show was punctuated by his standup comedy routine, which “Park Ranger Howdy Doody” got us all laughing and having a good time...(for those not familiar with how Howdy Doody looked on TV, here’s a picture...the park ranger was the spitting image of Howdy Doody)

During his standup comedy bit, he cut a nigger joke...I think it was something like “How do ‘Blacks’ shop for a birthday present? They steal a bike!” — We were all knee-slapping and har-har-laughing at that one, but right then I was shocked to see that among the gathered campfire show audience was a “fambly” of niggers: a buck pappy, a sow mammy, and a niglet buck about my age and a little sister sow about age 5 or 6...the sow stood up and was irate at hearing Park Ranger Howdy Doody’s nigger joke, and basically the campfire show ground to an abrupt and awkward halt as the nigger sow chimped out and angrily waved her hands and wagged her head as she ooked at the park ranger...

At this time, other human families were put off by the nigger oooking, and started filing away, and the nigger sow had now made her way up to Park Ranger Howdy Doody at the campfire ring and was wagging her finger in his face and angrily chewing him out about the joke, flanked by the angry nigger pappy and two niglets, all scowling at him....Poor park ranger Howdy Doody was all sheepishly embarrassed and was nervously apologizing to the niggers as he clutched his ukelele to his chest as he endured the full verbal wrath of the nigger sow....that was the sad scene I saw over my shoulder as our family also exited the campfire program venue...

Next morning, I was enjoying a tall stack of pancakes for breakfast at the motel restaurant and we were excitedly talking over breakfast about the tongue-lashing that Park Ranger Howdy Doody suffered by the niggers that ended the evening campfire program too early. Just as we were talking about the niggers, as if right on cue, the nigger family entered the restaurant for breakfast...The whole restaurant went silent and all eyes were fixed staring at the niggers....The sow, conscious that all the humans were staring blankly at her and her nigger family, just held her head up haughtily and sat down and ordered breakfast....we finished eating quickly and left so we wouldn’t have to be in the same building as the niggers...

We still stayed at the motel for another two days there, and we didn’t the niggers at all since that breakfast encounter the morning after the campfire program, maybe the niggers moved on or cut their “vacation” short.....damn niggers really spoiled the fun for me, though...

WeGoneApe #racist

WeGoneApe #racist niggermania.net

Yes, we’re beating the Trayvon story to death worse than Rodney King in a baby seal costume. But while nobody cares about another capped coon (it happens dozens of time a day), we justifiably have concerns about the Obongo licking media, its feeding frenzy, and its agents -- Al Sharpcoon, Farrakoon, NBC’s The Groido site, The Nigger Panthers who are making death threats, Apetorney General Holder, and the head nigger himself, who is using this shooting to advance his prospects and stir up his fellow apes, leading to either his re-election or potential nationwide riots.

It would seem like good news for niggers and Obongo as they peddle their nigger victimization and white guilt to get more gimme dats -- except for this harsh reality: Niggers are self-destructive, and always eventually lose.

Whenever niggers riot, they burn down their own hoods.

Every nigger slave revolt failed, as the leaders were betrayed by other slaves.

Haitians killed their white slave owners, and ended up ... well, being Haiti.

South Africa cast off its white government, only to regress to the worst kind primitive savagery.

In the 45 years since the civil rights movement began, the niggers life expectancy has gotten lower.

Over 90% of nigger murders are at the hands of other niggers.

True, there are marches nationwide, but almost all the participants in these demonstrations are niggers. No humans. What do humans think about this case ... now ... in a few more weeks?

The apes haven’t counted on the fact that the same media and internet that spread this story will eventually spread the FACTS of the case, which are these:

The shooter, Zimmerman, suffered a broken nose and stitches to the head, as he was on the ground being beaten by the nigger. Zimmerman had grass stains on his back. A witness will confirm this beating. The screams on the 911 tapes are Zimmerman’s, not the nigger’s. Hospital records will confirm Zimmerman’s injuries. (That is proof of self defense, or at least enough proof to raise reasonable doubt.)

They’ll never prove criminal intent or malice aforethought; Zimmerman was attacked and suffered grievous bodily harm. Even a charge of involuntary manslaughter and an 18 month sentence is a long shot. (Plus, Florida has a lot more Hispanics than niggers.) He's going to walk.

Thus, since nothing much legally can be done to Zimmerman, niggers will become even more incensed, vocal, and violent. This, along with the true story of the case emerging, will lead to a white and Hispanic backlash. Bad news for Barry.

Sharpe #racist

Sharpe #racist niggermania.net

Well, our new nigbours are now well and truly ensconced in their new abode. So far, we’ve seen and heard none of the telltale signs of infestation: no litter, no loud bongo music, no flash hoopties parked across our driveway- nothing yet, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they’re toeing the line, perhaps because they feel out of place and don’t want to risk upsetting their neighbouring whiteys. We did, however, hear this story from the builder who did some alterations to their house, and if you want something that succinctly sums up the character of the nigger, you couldn’t do much better than this.

This man is a very skillfull, conscientious builder, whom we’ve known since he renovated our place after we bought it, back in 2012. He does a good job, finishes on schedule, charges a fair price, and is a nice guy. We’ve had him back a few times lately for some minor fixes and modifications, and on his last visit, he told us this story. He was still a bit shaken up from the encoonter.

The nigs wanted some quite extensive alterations made to their house, and the cost came to over £30,000. Like any good craftsman, our builder friend made a detailed survey of the house, and produced an exact schedule showing what work needed to be done, the cost, and the time of completion. Payment was to be 50% in advance, and the rest upon completion, as is normal for most building work, I think. The buck paid his deposit, signed the schedule, and work commenced. As it went on, the builder sent regular reports and photos, so that the nigs could see exactly how the work was progressing.

Upon completion, the fambly moved in, and our builder friend went to check that all was OK, and collect the balance of his fee. As you might expect, this is when the trouble started.

First of all, the buck and his sow wife denied all knowledge of having hired the builder or commissioned any work. They denied having made any advance payment, although their was a bank draft in the builder’s account showing exactly when the said payment was made. When the builder pulled out the schedule with the buck’s signature on it, the two of them went immediately into cat 4 chimp out mode: “Ah don’ know who you are- Ah never gave you no authority tuh cum intah mah house- Ah din’ want no buildin’ work done- we don’ owe you nuffin- get outta our house now… etc.”

Our friend could see that he was not going to get anywhere, so he left, with an unpaid debt of over £15,000 hanging on his shoulders.

He now has to go through the long, drawn-out, expensive and difficult procedure of taking the niggers to court to reclaim his money. Of course it will be easy to prove that the debt exists; he has a record of the down payment, and the buck’s name, address and signature on the work schedule. If you’ve ever tried to reclaim money through the UK courts, however, you’ll know that having proof is only a small part of the story. The nigger can delay the process by months or years, just by denying everything until the case eventually comes to court. Then, when judgement is entered against him, there begins the process of actually extracting the money. If he doesn’t have it, that can either be a complete waste of time and more money, or can involve bringing in bailiffs to seize goods or, ultimately, have his house repossessed and sold.

The only bright light ahead is the possibility that the last eventuality may come about- that the nogs have to sell up and move in order to clear the debt.

We moved here, partly to get away from the increasing fuxation in London, where we used to live. We’re both aged 50+, have worked and saved hard to be able to afford this house, and were looking forward to spending the rest of our lives here. We’re not going to be forced out by a bunch of coons, but just knowing that they’re there has cast a blight upon our lives. I’m not normally one for expletives, but in this case, all I can say to sum up is… fucking niggers.

WP123 #racist

WP123 #racist niggermania.net

I’m somewhat under the weather but I thought sharing this as it may make me feel a bit better. I wasn’t going to share this coontact as I didn’t think it was nice, but I just realized that I am talking about niggers here, so all notions of nice should be thrown out of the window.

While I was travelling in the Netherlands briefly (some years back) I stayed at a hostel, and they offered a work-exchange program for people who are stuck there, for example, and have no other viable means to support their stay there. Basically for people to have a temporary place to stay. Hell, I’ve had that happen to me a few times. Basically it was meant to help those travellers out who really need a helping hand. Well as no surprise niggers try to take unfair advantage of this.

I saw two niggers (they looked like Central African niggers from the Congo, they were brachycephallic and a bit rotund) going in for an interview. I didn’t hear the whole interview but I think the key points were discovered. I think the first thing I heard was: “Das discrimination,” to which the reply was “it’s not discrimination the government is already helping you (niggers) here,” “this is for people who have nowhere else to turn to or it’s their last possible help” or something to that effect.

Anyway these niggers were probably refugees or something getting welfare from the Dutch government and were legally allowed to remain in the Netherlands, but they still wanted to take these work-exchange positions reserved for those without a work permit and having no other places to work or ways to sustain themselves. What a bunch of niggers. The whole discrimination chimpout probably lasted like 10 minutes, they didn't give up easily and wanted to "complain" to the higher management.

The thing that gets to me about niggers (among many other things) is how they act completely inappropriately and then holler “discrimination,” and “racism.” They need to experience more actual discrimination and racism so that they would just go back to Africa in my opinion. But they’ll still stay of course, due to the better quality of life and free gibs.

Ralph Kramden #racist

Ralph Kramden #racist niggermania.net

The liberal media has painted such a lopsided picture about the evils of slavery that’s its beyond sickening. All we ever read or hear about is how terrible slavery was and the poor mistreated niggers. Slavery was actually a good thing for niggers back then; the life expectancy of an african In the 1800s was less 20 years of age. Coming to America actually increased their life expectancies to nearly 30 years of age. Generations later lived off the hard working white people; this would have never happened if they remained in Africa.


I can’t find statistics anywhere for this but I’m sure niggers were very unproductive as slaves, they probably screwed up as much then as they do now. I wonder how much cotton or tobacco was wasted because a nigger did not know how to harvest these products properly?

Murica1488 #racist

Murica1488 #racist niggermania.net

Obviously the fine men and women here are hip to the ways of the nigger. But reading some of the posts here tonight got me wondering, when will human society say enough is enough?

We’ve sat back and watch niggers destroy every major city, most major sports, all our educational institutions, we’ve supported them for hundreds of years, rampant crime, I could go on and on.

Will there ever be a breaking point? And what will that be? After years of destruction what finally pushes humanity over the edge?

Lindsay #racist

Lindsay #racist niggermania.net

I safely returned from New Orleans last week, but I'm still very upset and disturbed by what I saw while I was there. I know many of you warned me, and I knew there was going to be a lot of niggers, but New Orleans was fuxated beyond even my wildest nigger nightmares. I think it's possible this is the most nigger fuxated city in the United States. I wanted to get out of it, but my husband would have went alone and he likes to drive straight through and I was worried he may fall asleep at the wheel.

We drove to New Orleans from New York, only stopping for a 4 or 5 hour nap in the parking lot of a truck stop in Alabama, so I was tired. We arrived about noon and check-in time at the hotel wasn't until 3pm. So we gave our minivan to a nigger to valet park and decided to take a little walk, until the hotel room was ready.

My husband is a fan of the movie JFK, so he wanted to see if that building they showed in the movie was still there. We walked by a lovely park and I was going to take a few pictures until we got closer and I saw dozens of homeless niggers lying all over the ground and under the statues and trees. One was injecting something into it's arm and making loud chimp noises. Of course, we were immediately harrassed for money.

A big nigger buck jumps out out of nowhere and says, "You are being given a ticket for not smiling in New Orleans." My husband reached out to take it, and I scream, "Don't take it, it's a scam!" The nigger gives me a dirty look and says, "It's for Meals on Wheels!" LOL, I bet. So we walk a little further, and don't find the building and I've already seen more niggers than I can take after 24 hours of driving and very little sleep. Plus I'm hungry, which is an issue because I'm diabetic. I just needed a little something to tide me over until we went to dinner that evening.

On the way back, I see the same nigger with the “ticket scam” harrassing a human for a donation so I slow up to see what’s going to happen and the human gives the nigger $10! I couldn’t believe it. We walk back towards Canal Street, which is one of the main touristy roads in New Orleans. I see a McDonald's, so I tell my husband that I'll just get a fish sandwich and we'll sit in McDonald's for a little bit until the hotel room is ready.

There is the slowest sheboon at the register. People are walking out left and right because there is only one cashier and a long line. But by then, I was getting dizzy so I decided to wait. Thankfully, 3 smart people in front of me said, "Screw this," and left. So I get up to the register and say, "I'd like a plain fish sandwich, no cheese." The sheboon looks at me like I just spoke in Swahili and says rudely, "You want a WHO?" I repeat my order and it rolls its eyes at me and makes a face. After I get my sandwich, we go to a booth by a wall.

Homeless niggers and beggars are lounging around in booths. The garbage cans were overflowing. The air smells like urine, pot, and liquor. Screaming unsupervised niglets are running all over.

My husband points out a group of nigger teenapers who are dealing drugs right in the open. When I see a nigger, I try not to interact with it. My goal is not to get killed or robbed by a nigger, especially when in a dangerous city. But unfortunately, my husband, who hates niggers too, will often make a comment that I feel puts us in danger. He grew up in the city, so he thinks he can handle them.

I look over and I see the niggers are not only dealing drugs, they have all their dope, right out in the open, lying on the table. One of them is rolling a big fat blunt. So, of course, my husband can’t resist commenting. He says loudly, “Is that a McDoobie?” Instantly, about 6 niggers surround our table. One says, “Don’t be judging us. This be how we be making our living.” Another nigger, it’s pants hanging down to its knees says, “We gots rent and bills to pay ‘cause our mothers not love us.”

I said, “It’s okay, we’re cool,” hoping to calm the situation. The niggers kept babbling at us and I was scared to death. We got up to go and 3 of the niggers went outside. I was scared they were going to jump us. After we checked in, I Google this McDonald’s and it turns out that a murder and stabbing had been committed there, a few months earlier, in broad daylight!

MizDaisy #racist

MizDaisy #racist niggermania.net

About time I had some good news to report!

Two dead boons in the same nig family within 2 months — now that’s being efficient.
Good job you teenapers!

Two brothers, both named Jeffery! Did the mammy not know how to spell “Jeffrey?” And since when do niggers name kids “Jeffrey?” Whatever — it’s niggers.
One Jeff-nigger deleted his baby mama, the baby mama’s sister and the grandpa. The other Jeff-nigger “saved” the half-niglet. (Baby mama was Hispanic/White)

Such a good boy! He dindu nuffin!! See the pic of this angelic monkey scratching at the nits in his nappy locks — the face of a brainless moron.

The 2 Jeff-Niggers are now together in Nigger Heaven: a land of endless crack, guns, hoes, malt likker, and chiggun. Glory Be!


GROIDSSUCK #racist niggermania.net

To All those Damn Nigger NFL Playas who Take a Knee during the Nat’l Anthem........Let’s see if THIS will solve the problem:

Uppity Nigger NFL Players that protest by kneeling during national anthem should be required that, for every game that a player kneels, raises their fist, etc. 50% of their game day paycheck will go to helping defray the cost of policing the inner fuxated cities and help pay for the cost of incarcerating the misbehaving niggers.

Also, for every time that a nigger NFL player does one of the above, they agree to spend one week (a solid 7 days......not a day here or there) actually living in the fuxated inner city talking to niggers and helping them make better life choices and teach them not to be uppity or non-compliant with the police.

The nigger NFL players will also spend 3 nights riding with police in the high crime areas of Chicago or Detroit, so they get a firsthand view if what our valiant human police officers have to put up with each day dealing with feral nigger animals.

So if the uppity nigger NFL players kneel twice, that is two (2) weeks living in the nigger-fuxated inner city away from their posh comfortable mansions and 6 nights riding with police.

If these uppity niggers are TRULY serious about their expressions (and I suspect that they are NOT —its all empty posturing and virtue-signalling) , they will put their money and their bodies where their flappy-lipped mouths are...


GROIDSSUCK #racist niggermania.net

Well I had a coontact of sorts, but it actually worked out as a “Reverse-Coontact”.....

I’m at the grocery store during my mid-afternoon break, taking my time going up and down the aisles....I hear a nigger sow and her squealy niglet in the next door aisle, ooking about something.... Something I ate earlier the previous night wasn’t agreeing with me, so while I’m standing in the grocery aisle with my butt-cheeks clenched, walking like a penguin, I’m “battling the gases” so-to-speak, and by the sounds my belly was making, it was brewing up some pretty strong “butt belches” that were quickly working through my system, looking for a way out.

So I get the bright idea to leave a “silent-but-deadly”, smelly airborne “forget me not” midway down the grocery aisle, for it to lie in wait for the sheboon to waddle up to it...there were no other humans in the nearby aisles except myself, and the nigger sow was coming around the endcap of the aisle to enter the Aisle I was in....So as quietly and quickly as I could, I “answered the call of the wild burrito” and moved on to the next aisle before my eyes watered up...My silent mission of mischief accomplished, I casually scooted my cart around to the neighboring aisle, and waited and listened intently to see what, if any, reaction would emit from the she-groid by the time she made it down halfway through the aisle to the spot where my trousers had trumpeted........

And then....“Daym, Oh what the Fu.....Awwww Hell nahh...God-Damn did something DIE around here???!” The nigger obviously got a full whiff of my paint peeler....The ”lingering cloud” GOT her! (LOL)....I was smiling all the way to the checkout line!

Murica1488, JungleRabbit, SpearChuckinJungleBunny, and GMT #racist

Murica1488, JungleRabbit, SpearChuckinJungleBunny, and GMT #racist niggermania.net

(Murica1488): The country of Madagascar is undergoing a plague. The bubonic plague. In 2017. Even the poorest of humanity has eradicated this disease probably for about 500 years. Not niggers. But hey, they’re just like us right? I can’t even begin to imagine what Africa is like. The niggers here are useless and filthy, imagine the ones that humanity doesn’t support?

(JungleRabbit): Yeah, the niggers here should be bowing down to us massahs for how good they have it. They have no natural predators here, are a protected species, and none of those lovely nigger diseases to cull the herd here, so they reproduce like roaches and live well beyond the years they should as we pay their way. Should have never taken them out of their natural habitat of Apefrica. Now they are a plague on us, instead of them dying from this plague back in the Muddaland.

(SpearChuckinJungleBunny): Niggers and their penchant for disease spreading is no surprise to anyone with a degree in niggerology. Niggers have no future time sense, can barely grasp the concept of reading, or counting higher than ten, so imagine them developing routines like hand-washing, using protection, being sanitary...

...ugh I can't even complete that sentence, the notion of African shitskins practicing good hygiene is so freakin' preposterous. Ask any poor soul who has gone to Africa out of humanitarian delusions, just what do these filthy animals smell like? They never shower, never bathe, and never wash their clothes. IMAGINE being confined in a small building with twenty of them.

The smell would literally knock you right back out the door. Good thing it's an African building, where there's sure to be no freakin' door in the doorway, that'd keep out flies n' sheeeiiit and we can't have that now, can we? Common sense and fundamental living standards be RAYCISS!

(GMT): Hopefully no humans visiting the areas will be involved but if a "useful nigger" (as if) wants to contract the plague and infect other niggers in mainland Africa who am I to object?

It won't get rid of many of the shitskins I suspect alas - but nature does her best to try and flush the gene pool from time to time - seems like this could get quite a few graduated if it spreads to the main mudderland.

As always, niggers are the niggers main downfall in life - once good old Whitey is taken out of the picture, niggers just crash and burn - and on this occasion, nature is speeding them nicely along their way.

WeGoneApe #racist

WeGoneApe #racist niggermania.net

New Reality Show: “Mate with an Ape, White Girl.”

VH1 has a history of pushing niggers on human kids, and celebrating miscegenation and the muddying up the human gene pool that rivals its sister channel MTV, also owned by Viacom (or is it Viacoon?). But they’ve outdone themselves with their new porno “reality” show called “The Ultimate Catch.” And it’s not about fishing, although you might see a shark or two.

That “catch” -- the ideal mate for any single woman according to VH1 -- would be a primitive, freshly picked from the tree, shit-skinned, shaved-headed groid with a career in feetsball and a cranium the size of a softball. The ape, with the help of another nigger friend, gets to choose a date from 80 or so women, almost all human. A few token sheboons are thrown into the mix to minimize any nigger bitching.

The show’s clear message, like all the others bombarding human women every day in the media: A nigger buck is a viable and even desirable mate. Viacom, of course, makes billions on cRap, so it has a vested interest in brainwashing young humans into thinking violent jungle beasts are cool, with shows like “The Ultimate Catch.”

An unfortunate few may painfully discover that with ape mating, what they ultimately catch are pubic lice, chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, herpes, HIV/AIDS, etc. (That’s if they survive the beatings and stabbings.)

A better show name might be "The Deadliest Catch."

Tom Shelly #racist

Tom Shelly #racist niggermania.net

The letter says “some of us are planning to pull our kids” because the black worker’s skin was too dark. No, it's not because her skin was too dark, it's because she's a nigger. Niggers shouldn't allowed to be anywhere near white children.

I would not have played games and sent notes, I would have pulled my kid out of there and told the owner in person that I didn't want my kid to around niggers. It's way too dangerous.

Why are the police involved? Has the world gone nuts? Someone sends an anonymous letter to a day care saying that unless they fire the nigger, they are going to not send their kids there anymore. How is that illegal? Has coddling gone that far already? You see what's going on here, right? They're slowly trying to take away our right to refuse to do business or interact with niggers.


GROIDSSUCK #racist niggermania.net

While not 100% foolproof, Humans can largely avoid nigger coontacts by simply exercising common sense and good judgment, such as:

1. Avoiding areas where large numbers of niggers congregate (even better if you can live in still-unfuxated human neighborhoods)

2. Going to stores or movie theaters at times of day when fewer niggers go (such as the mornings)

3. Always keeping an awareness of your surroundings when you are out and about; look around as you walk, etc.

4. Traveling to places (such as out to the country, or the great outdoors) where few niggers go.

5. Practice visually canvassing gas stations and convenience stores for loitering niggers before pulling into the lot or getting out of your car

6. Turn off the TV or change channels when niggers are on.

...there are more, obviously, but the above gives a general idea.

Despite our best efforts, niggers will always find a way to encroach upon our personal space and ruin our days, but more often than not, simply being more aware and practicing safe routines will go far in helping reduce the number of coontacts we’ll have as we go about our day...teach our families these things, too! Stay safe and coontact-free, my friends!

Sharpe #racist

Sharpe #racist niggermania.net

The other day I caught a late-night train from London’s Paddington Station.

While waiting for it to arrive, I went into the gents’ washroom, to find a nigger in there cleaning the floor with a mop. Being naturally and automatically respectful of others, and having a regard for anyone who does this job, as it’s not one of the most pleasant, I kept well clear of him and walked in a wide arc around him, so that I wouldn’t tread on the part of the floor that he’d cleaned.

I’m not sure what I did to upset him- either I inadvertently trod on a bit of floor that he’d washed, or I offended him by giving the impression that I was avoiding him. (I never avoid niggers; they’re not important enough.) Whatever the reason, it prompted an all-out chimp out, the like of which I’ve never seen before. This nig was screaming and incoherent with rage. I didn’t attempt to reply- there was no point, and he was quite a small creature, so didn’t pose any physical threat, but I decided that I could wait until I was on the train before using the facility, and made for the door.

Harmless though he was, this experience did shake me up a bit. This was pure anger. Maybe he was just channeling his feelings towards the human race? I suppose that I could complain to the station management, but if the cleaning supervisor is another Zulu, I can’t see that getting me anywhere.


GROIDSSUCK #racist niggermania.net

I was at my parents’ cemetery paying my respects today...it’s a very large cemetery and I often drive around after paying my respects, looking at the variety of gravestones, some of which are very ornate and creative, and some have interesting inscriptions or sculptures on them....

Well as I was driving around, I was rounding a corner at the far end of the cemetery grounds, and a small grave site caught my eye...no gravestone, but there were brightly colored flowers to mark the spot, and various things left at the gravesite as adornments or mementos, so I got out of my car to check it out...Alas, it was the grave of a no-good gangbanger nigger.

It had no gravestone giving its name or date of expiration, but its fambly left some metal block letters on the grass that spelled “Snacky” which must have been this nigger’s gang name when it was alive and causing mayhem....A bunch of gaudy brightly colored plastic flowers were jammed into the ground at the spot, and there was one of those signs formed from flowers spelling “DAD” so this nigger obviously reproduced and left us with another precious nigger “legacy” out there somewhere....

There was also a printed page attached to a metal frame holder thrust into the ground, proudly festooned with over 15 photos of the dead nigger gangsta, all of them showing the nigger (looking about mid-20’s in age), in typical saggy pants, wearing lots of bling, flashing gang signs and flipping the middle finger, one shot was the nigger posing with its shiny gold toofuses in front of its ghetto hooptie, etc....so “endearing”....I guess the nigger never had any proper studio portrait ever taken of it while it was alive....

So apparently this nigger’s fambly cannot (or will not) afford a proper gravestone for its deleted nigger, and instead they go through the trouble of littering its gravesite with typical tacky Niggerish mementos and adornments. I’m surprised the cemetary management allowed it.....I did not have a camera on-hand to photograph this haphazardly decorated nigger gravesite, otherwise I would have posted it here...it was a sight to behold...

Anyway, I stood directly on top of the grave as I scornfully looked it over (standing directly on top of the grave, specifically to show disrespect to the nigger) and spoke aloud to the dead nigger there, “You damn, ugly stupid nigger....even in death you still look like an asshole...So were you deleted in a gang drive-by shooting? Or did you try fighting some cops and got ventilated? Or did your sprog play with your gun and pop a cap in your dumb nigger noggin? How DID your miserable, worthless life end, nigger? I bet they even buried you with your pants sagging, and had your cold dead hands form some stupid gangsta hand signs, didn’t they, nigger?” And I spat on the grave just out of spite. God, that felt good.

Out of deference to the cemetery, I was very careful NOT to touch or disturb or vandalize the site, just spit on it. But I wished I could piss on it or leave a turd on it...or spell “Nigger” on the grass using gasoline so the grass would die and leave the lettering for anyone to see....but I restrained myself. Niggers in death deserve no honor, respect or due deference....damn all niggers to Hell....

Sharpe #racist

Sharpe #racist niggermania.net

The other day, my girlfriend and I, along with another friend of ours, were watching a Hollywood TV movie. It was quite a good film, but at one point, my girlfriend remarked on the disproportionate number of niggers that had been cast.

All three of us are NM’s, though the other two don’t “do” forums, so they’re not members on here. After the film finished, we continued chatting about the unbalanced portrayal of nogs in film and on TV generally.

We came to the following conclusions about casting:

Main hero and/or heroine.
Still likely to be human, as most US and British films are aimed at an English-speaking human audience. The makers want their viewers to be able to identify with the characters. For that reason, there are not many films made in these countries that feature Asian or Oriental leads; not that there would be anything wrong in principle with that. Productions from Asia, China, etc., naturally favour a cast of their own race. Nothing wrong with that either.

Hero/heroine’s best friend or trusty sidekick.
This is where the misrepresentation comes in. The UK population comprises about 8% Asian and only 3% nigger.

In the USA, you have a much lower percentage of Asians, but a large percentage of people of European or Hispanic descent. You also have the native Americans, though these are very much a minority, at 1.6%.

You also have a higher proportion of niggers, at around 14%.

So, statistically, you would expect the best friend character to be either British or possibly Asian, in the case of the UK, or white US, Hispanic or European, in the USA. Yet this character is almost certain to be a nigger.

There are many examples, such as the James Bond films, in which Bond’s CIA ally, Felix Leiter changed colour at some point from white to black (he was definitely white in the books) and “The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” in which the hero, Arthur Dent’s friend, Ford Prefect, is a nigger. Again, he was a white Englishman in the book and original TV series.

The trusted authority figure; this could be a cop, lawyer, doctor etc.

Subsidiary characters, who have a minor role in the plot.
Between about 25 and 50% nigger, though in the film that we watched, it was quite noticeably higher. This figure is out of all proportion to the percentage of nigs in both US and UK society.

The villain.
Human. Always. Under no circumstances whatsoever, will a nigger be portrayed in a negative way. If the action takes place in a corporate boardroom, you can expect the 25 - 50% nigger population that I described above… unless the board is that of an evil corporation bent on environmental destruction, suppression of human rights, etc., in which case, there will not be a nigger in sight.

Clearly, the reason for this massive misrepresentation is to maintain a PC agenda, and try to install a general acceptance of the nigger as being just another type of human. Future historians will probably wonder why we, in the 21st century, went to so much trouble to do so. As do I.

Murica1488 #racist

Murica1488 #racist niggermania.net

We all know about this horror show. Typical. The place smells like shit, niggers everywhere, one was gay with green hair. I knew it was coming so I mentally prepared myself not to get aggravated. Sure enough, I almost made it. While taking your license pic, you are supposed to have a neutral face. So the girl takes my pic and I go sit down and wait for my license.

I barely got my ass in the seat and there’s the uppity AA sheboon supervisor talking to the girl and they wave me back. Apparently the sheboon saw my picture from across the office on the computer screen and deemed it unacceptable since I was smirking. She had great pleasure in telling me I did something wrong and had to retake my pic. Rather than create a scene, I retook the picture, got my license and went home. Fucking nigger.

Murica1488 #racist

Murica1488 #racist niggermania.net

I took the family to Christmas tree shops this weekend. My son threw a fit and passed out on me so I walked him around the store. I was in the food aisle when, of course, the only two niggers in the store come moseying down. So I kept to myself and watched them ook and eek over the jars of coconut oil. They had plastic and vaccum sealed lids. She boon 1 wanted to see the smell and sheet so it ripped off the plastic, popper the lid and smelt the oil.

Both sheboon thought it smelled funky. She boon 2 rips open another jar to see. A human woman employee comes down and the sheboons start ooking to her that dis don’t smell right, not likes da one I puts on at home. The employee looked at the ruined merchandise, probably feared for her life, and directed the she boons to the beauty aisle where there is coconut oil for bodily use.

Apparently these two scholars had no idea coconut oil had viable culinary uses as well as making nigger skin shiny. The human picked up the plastic and the two open bottles and walked away. We made eye contact and she had the “fucking TNB, disgusting niggers” look. A look we all know and love...

CountyCoonKeeper #racist

CountyCoonKeeper #racist niggermania.net

Yesterday evening my neighbor, we’ll call her Z, a rector/priest and the nicest lady you’ll ever meet had her life threatened by thug niggers. Z was driving home from her church in a nigger fuxatted part of town, while driving on the slick roads in said part of town gets rear ended by a fambly of niggers. Z doing what responsible humans do, gets out and try’s to exchange insurance and get a traffic cop there.

The nigger and it’s shitspawn begin chimping, saying “ I gots warrants and no insurance, this yo fucking fault”. The nigger got back in it’s car and got on the phone and called nigger bucks to it’s aide. Z waiting in her car hears a trucker honking his horn at her, she rolls down her window and the trucker yells “get the fuck outta here, that lady is calling her friends”.

Sure as shit the niggers arrive before the police do and are trying to intimidate her, telling her “repeat after me bitch ‘it’s my fault’”. The nigger bucks leave before the police get there, 15 minutes later. The cop, being a nigger doesn’t even take this warrant having boon to jail, just a ticket. Z was in her priest uniform while these niggers were trying to intimidate her. Niggers have no regard for nothing, not even people of the cloth. I feel bad for Z because she was from a well to do part of the Northwestern United States and never had to deal with boons. Unfortunately her faith will keep her from realizing how truly evil niggers are.

Jungle Plum #racist

Jungle Plum #racist niggermania.net

I have been lucky. I haven’t had a coontact in quite a while, but today broke my lucky streak. I decided to ride along with some co-workers for lunch. We had to take a 4 lane highway in order to get to the restaurant. I was a rear seat passenger in the vehicle, enjoying the ride, when I noticed we were approaching a newer VW Jetta sedan in the right lane ahead. It had its left turn signal on, but it wasn’t merging into the left lane. It was just cruising up the road, slowing down traffic, left turn signal on for miles, confusing everyone who was passing it. I would guess, most people assumed it was going to come over into the left lane at any moment.

As we got closer, I noticed the left fender was crumpled in, as if it had sideswiped a guardrail or something. Being a newer car, most responsible humans with insurance get body damage fixed as soon as possible. I take pride in my vehicle’s appearance. It is over 15 years old, but I keep it repaired and clean. As we begin to pass the vehicle, it all made sense. I looked over and saw a coal black, skinny dreadlock nigger buck driving the car, oblivious to its surroundings. It had the driver seat reclined back to where the headrest was level with the bottom of the windows. It was talking on its sail foam, probably setting up its next dope deal or muh-dik. We passed it without issue. I continued to watch it. It never turned its signal off or merged into the left lane.

After we had passed it, I felt a profound sense of sorrow for the little car. When it rolled off the assembly line, it had dreams of being cared for and enjoyed by humans. Maybe a human couple would get it as their first car. Maybe a human parent would buy it for their child.

It did not know its lifespan was going to be cut short by it becoming a nigger’s hooptie. It will be the unwilling participant in many dope deals and drive bys. It will have to haul uncounted sheboons around the projects, have dozens of purple dranks, Hennessy, and malt likka spilled on its carpet, thousands of blunts smoked in it until the interior is stained brown, and endure endless trips to KFC and Red Lobster, with the greasy paws of nigglets and turdlers all over its seats, until finally, cruel fate finally grants it a merciful release from its horrible existence and it is either abandoned by the side of the road, or hauled off to the junkyard from the projects. Niggers don’t need to operate motor vehicles. It endangers everyone else on the road.

Sharpe #racist

Sharpe #racist niggermania.net

I live in an almost totally nog-free area (deliberately!) so I was taken aback somewhat by this experience, earlier today: I was in my local supermarket, and as I was filling up my trolley, suddenly heard the most insane-sounding ooking noise coming from the next aisle. It sounded like half-a-dozen chimps screeching and jabbering at the same time.

Out of curiosity, I went round the corner to have a look, and almost ran into… just two niggers. Yes, somehow the two of them were making as much noise as a fambly of monkeys. I don’t know how they do it. They also managed to block the entire aisle between them, but that’s only to be expected. I followed them towards the checkout, intrigued as to how other people would react. They then went into full chimp mode, waving their arms around and eeking at all the passing humans. I managed to shoot a quick covert photo.

They made it to the automatic checkout, whereupon more ooking ensued, as they tried to work out how to use it. By this time, I’d noticed a plethora of niggers all over the place- I don’t know if there was some kind of nigger convention in town or what, but the supermarket was full of them. Their antics at the checkout were quite hilarious, and I was tempted to shoot a video on my phone, but discretion prevailed- I doubt that I could have got away with it without being obvious.

After I’d paid for my shopping, I went out into the car park to replace my trolley, but before I could do so, I had to wait for the jigaboo couple in from of me to figure out how the trolley park coin release system worked. Eventually they managed it, and I was able to park my trolley and go. I had a look at our local “What’s On” website, but there was no mention of any event that might have attracted the nogs, so I’m still none the wiser as to what they were doing here. Maybe they’d all come to the wrong town.

Mr. Fox #racist

Mr. Fox #racist niggermania.net

We all hate niggers, that’s a given for everyone on here. Well, perhaps “hate” is the wrong word; I don’t hate them, as it’s such a destructive emotion. It’s also pointless- you may as well say that you hate sharks or man-eating tigers. Let’s just say that we dislike having to share the planet with them. I’ve sometimes had conversations with friends who cannot see my point of view. I have to be quite careful sometimes, as those who live, in unfuxated areas have no idea of the true scope of the problem. To people like that, my ideas are racist.

I don’t blame them. I was like that myself before I moved to fuxated London and had to work for a nigger manager. If, though, I ever doubted my beliefs (which I never do) I occasionally experience something that convinces me that I, along with all my fellow niggermaniacs, are absolutely in the right.A few days ago, I had an appointment in a small town to the north of London, where I live (in a nig-free area now, thankfully.)

I’m without a car at present (there’s another story behind that, which I’ll post on the coontacts page in due course) so I went on the train. I hardly ever travel by train, but it was quite a pleasant, if over-priced, experience. I made it all the way to my destination without encoontering a single nigger, apart from the odd one or two that passed me in the street. The town where I had the appointment was a delight- not a nigger to be seen. Consequently, it was clean and civilised. I went to my meeting, which was with a charming Korean lady, then took the train home, around mid-afternoon.

The journey back was good- my carriage was largely empty, apart from a young Pakistani couple, who spent the journey having a quiet conversation without disturbing anyone. Once back in London, I got on the subway train, or tube, as we call them here, to return home. The tube train was not crowded, but as soon as I got on, the first noise to assault my ears was that of the traditional and unmistakable nigger ook. I looked around and saw a couple of bucks sitting at the end of the carriage. Whereas humans normally sit side by side on a train, so that they can converse at a reasonably normal level, these two jigs were sitting opposite each other and jabbering across the corridor that runs between the seats. I’ve no idea what they were eekling about- I don’t speak Niggerbabble, but, as usual, they were making so much noise that it would have been impossible for anyone nearby to have a conversation.

I couldn’t be bothered to change carriages- anyway, why should I be obliged to move for the sake of a couple of niggers? Apart from that, I knew that they were not going all the way to my stop, as there are no nogs round there, so I just sat it out. The experience brought home to me just how fully we are justified in being NMs. I don’t like racism, and I would never use racist language to describe the Asians to whom I referred earlier. There are two main humanoid species on Earth, as I see it: human and nigger.

It’s good to see that Niggermania has attracted so many new subscribers lately. Since I joined, just a few weeks ago, it seems to be growing by the day. The word is spreading; long may it continue to do so. And thanks to all the site admins who have made it possible.

Unregistered #racist

Unregistered #racist niggermania.net

The idea of rewarding niggers for failure is not new. Many public schools pay niggers to get average grades and in some cases to just show up. DC floated an idea of paying niggers to not commit crimes (not making this up).

The more offspring a nigger shits out the bigger it’s welfare check. This week the owner of the Detroit lions, Martha Ford, announced she would donate a large sum of $$$$ to “racial justice organizations” if her pet NFL niggers would just stand for the Anthem. Don’t buy that Ford truck you been thinking about.

Sharpe #racist

Sharpe #racist niggermania.net

I watched this film recently. For those who are not familiar with it, it tells the true story of Karen Blixen (played by Meryl Streep) a wealthy Danish woman who moved to Kenya in 1913 to set up a coffee plantation.

I was curious to watch it for various reasons: first, it seemed like an interesting story (which it is, though the film is a little overlong, in my opinion,) second, I was intrigued to see how she interacted with the native Kenyan nig-nogs, and third, I wanted to see how the nogs were portrayed in pre-PC times. (The film was made in 1985.)

The nigs don’t feature a lot, as the story is entered mainly around Karen, but it soon becomes clear that there was at least one niggermaniac on the production team, as there are several occurrences that are completely irrelevant to the story, but have obviously been slipped in to demonstrate nigger attitude and stupidity.

Two of the most memorable:

1 Karen is trying to teach her nigger cook how to mix the ingredients for a clear soup. The sheboon has a mixing bowl on the kitchen table, and is trying to mix its contents using a fork. Karen picks up a whisk, puts it into the bowl and shows the nigger how to use it by turning the handle. After she leaves the kitchen, the boon stares, uncomprehendingly, at the whisk for a moment, then puts it down and goes back to stirring the mixture with the fork.

2 Near the end of the film, we see that Karen and her fellow Europeans have built proper brick houses, laid roads, introduced automobiles, and even cleared an airstrip, so that people and supplies can be flown in and out. They have achieved all this in just a few years, while the nig-nogs are still living in their straw huts. The Europeans are having civilised dances and cocktail parties while the jigaboos are banging drums and doing their ju-ju dances.

The humans have also built a school, with the altruistic, though misguided plan that the local niglets can be educated. Their chief is firmly opposed to this idea, and at one point (the funniest highlight of the film for me) asks Karen “What have reading and writing ever done for you?” Nigger attitude at its finest.

I must say though, that the cinematography is superb. Kenya is a beautiful country, as are other parts of North Africa. What a waste…

MizDaisy #racist

MizDaisy #racist niggermania.net

What’s the deal with niggers and spitting? Do their big floppy lips and teef create more mouth slime that simply must be ejected? I see these things, both bucks and hoes, hocking up big mouthfuls of spit while jaywalking.

A certain coon bitch in neighboring Minneapolis who is running for mayor, managed to get anti-spitting and lurking ordinances overturned. She is mighty proud of this achievement so apparently, this is a big thing for niggers? “Ah hasta gits my mouf empty, you dayum cracker! How I sposed to eat my Popeye’s chiggun and drink my malt likker with spizzle in my mouf!!"


GROIDSSUCK #racist niggermania.net

I was at a grocery store deli today, waiting to be served as the sole deli worker was busy slicing some meat... Then, just beyond my peripheral vision, I hear a nigger’s unmistakable voice talking energetically, “You oughta try da honey butter, it’s real good, and they also have...” For a few seconds, I didn’t respond and kept looking straight ahead at the deli worker, as it seemed the voice behind me may have been talking to someone else....the voice happily prattled on for about 10-15 more seconds, talking about the various products that One should try....

After that awkward interim, it dawned on me that the voice was talking to ME the whole time. So I turn around and see a gaunt, partially toothless nigger female, looking like a meth-head or crackhead, grinning and continually talking at me, recommending that I should try this meat or that potato salad, etc. I cut it off by saying, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were talking to ME this whole time...normally you would introduce yourself first....” and then I turned around away from the nigger to face the deli worker again, who continued slicing meat sheepishly as if to avoid eye contact with the jabbering nigger...

The nigger soon shambled off and left me alone, still muttering to itself about all the great foods I should try...That’s right, nigger...leave me the fuck alone...go talk to a telephone pole or something...

BoBoLeHoe #racist

BoBoLeHoe #racist niggermania.net

This happened a couple weeks ago. Pure simple TNB with no embellishment.

I was visiting my elderly father at his home in Lansing when he became incoherent and confused. After calling 911, we went to the local hospital downtown and to my surprise, the entire hospital had very few coons employed there. Complete opposite of things in and around Detroit. However, the actual ER patient lobby was nothing but niggers. First thing I noticed, was a pregnant sow ready to pop who had two niglets in tow; one about nine months and the other not even close to two. The sow was no more than 18 or 19 yet, at this pace, will probably drop 9 more by the time she reaches 26. No daddy or spouse around, of course.

Then there was this nigger in a wheel chair, named "Eddie" who was high as a kite and babbling away, and then laughing at his own babbling. This was nonstop for more than an hour. Sitting next to Eddie was a Lansing Police officer with a clipboard on his lap who was clearly irritated by this idiot shooting his mouth off. Told the nig to shut up several times which only made the ignoramus laugh all the harder. Across from this hyena was another coon that had everybody in the waiting room guessing, even other niggers. No one could tell if IT was buck or bitch; you could not tell by the clothes it wore nor by its voice. IT looked like it was in the process of "transgendering" from one sex to another. Anybody's guess what that is.

IT was impatiently trying to fill out the mountain of hospital forms just to get to see a doctor and annoyed by the rambling racket that is Eddie. Fed up, IT throws a pen at him, shouting, "Aw shaddup, nigga! Wat wrong wit youse? Gotsa a hose up yo butt?" Eddie laughs, stands up out of the wheelchair and starts to unbuckle his belt, "Hey faggot, wanna see?" Cop tells him, "Sit down and shut your trap or you going to jail now!" Hyena is now laughing so hard, he almost misses sitting back down in his chair. If his ass hits the floor, Eddie would not feel a thing anyway.

The best for last...I'm standing in the ER hallway and a line is started to form at the bathroom about six feet away from me. The door is closed and locked. After about 10 minutes, the nurse bangs on the door and yells, "Hey, you alright? There's a lot of people waiting out here!" Another nurse comes up and says, "It's Percy. He's been in there about an hour." First nurse bangs on the door again, this time harder..."Percy answer me! You have to get out of there!" No answer.

The two of them bang on the door for a couple more minutes and takes turns yelling. Finally, the first nurse takes her keys out and turns the lock and opens the door. It slams against something metal. The lights are off in the bathroom. Percy is leaning back in his wheelchair with his feet up in the air taking a nap. Nurse tries to shake him awake but nigger pushes her hand away and says, "It too nahsie out in de hall n' sheit." Nurse replies, "I don't care how noisy it is, you can’t sleep in there. Get out!"

Percy takes his good ol'time waking up, scratching himself a few times before smiling at the nurse and wheeling himself out. Once he leaves, nurse walks in the bathroom, turns on the lights and says to the other nurse, "Oh, well look at this." All of us in the hallway crane our necks to see. “Percy jerked off in the sink." She didn't sound surprised either. There were more TNB during those seven hours but these were the unforgettable highlights. Pop was sent home with some antibiotics and both of us were glad to hightail it out of there. Way too close for comfort.

Chuck R Spook #racist

Chuck R Spook #racist niggermania.net

Where did the 2 Obongo children come from?
While looking at the photo of the nigger Obongo "family" it becomes very apparent that neither of the 2 youngboons are genetic descendants of either barry or moochy. Children always look like at least one of their parents or grandparents. People are very good at identifying facial features and once you know somebody is a family member you can "just tell" by looking.

This is easily explainable as:
A: Barry is a down-low queer
B: Moochy is physically a man and cannot give birth.
So where did they come from?

Now, Obongo's mother is said to be Ann Dunham. This I believe, as the shape of the face and eyes looks like Barry.

Obongo's father is said to be this nigger, which I do not believe at all:

It is much more likely that Obongo's father is communist nigger Frank Davis:

I don't think either of the 2 youngboons look like any of these niggers, so where did they come from? In fact I believe the 2 came from entirely different families, they don't even look like each other.

AuntGermima #racist

AuntGermima #racist niggermania.net

Congratulations to the niglet who deleted himself and the bullying niglet that drove him to self-deletion. We are spared the deleted niglet becoming a future Apefirmative Action employee utterly incompetent at his job but hired over more qualified humans. The world is a better place simply because he will no longer be part of it. Another niglet killed by his own brutal species, and the planet rejoices.

LawrenceOfAperabia #racist

LawrenceOfAperabia #racist niggermania.net

Recently, the apartment next to mine came available, and that means I've been within earshot as the landlord has shown it to prospective tenants. I've made a bit of an event out of timing stuff like doing laundry (in a common laundry room for tenants on my floor) so I can see and hear who's looking at the place and who my next neighbors might be, all while hoping and praying that no niggers move in.

Luckily, my landlord has me and the other existing tenants covered.

Yesterday, one of those scrawny niggers you just know is cracked out to hell and back came in with two filthy little sprogs, and the landlord (Lebanese, FWIW) gave it a walkthrough that was punctuated by the sheboon yelling something in niggerese at the niglets (whatever it was, they were quiet in the way that terrified children are when they know they'll be beaten nearly to death if they step out of line.)

At the end of the tour, the landlord started talking details, mentioning rent and security deposit and asking basic questions about outstanding collections, evictions, bankruptcies...

Sheboon cut him off and said "you takes Section 8?"

The landlord, equal parts annoyed and unsurprised, deadpanned in canned-speech fashion, "No ma'am, we don't take any federal or county housing assistance. Market-qualified tenants only, proof of three times income (and these apartments are very affordable; anyone with any sort of gainful employment clears the bar easily) required."

Sheboon: "Why you don't takes Section 8?"

The landlord was as blunt as you can be without outright calling this sheboon a nigger to her face: "Because when my company took over this building, most of the problems came from subsidized tenants, so we worked with the Downtown Partnership..."

(any nigger knows what that means in Kent. A group of downtown merchants basically organized about five years ago to clean up the city and position it as a commuter destination for working people getting priced out of Seattle. The city kicked in by building a new police station and the county's built a couple of jails. Scared most of the nogs up East Hill, and a slew of new human-owned and human-frequented businesses have cropped up in mixed-use historic buildings like the one I live in. Shops on the first floor, apartments upstairs. Rumors flying around about future plans for condo conversions. It's a rare success story of humans taking back a fuxated hole from the nigs and making it stick.)

Anyway, as soon as the nigger heard "Downtown Partnership", it knew where this conversation was going, ooked "rayciss muthafukka", then gathered its sprogs and left.

And just to put the straw in the Slurpee on 7/11, the landlord had one more showing...white couple. I think they were Mormons; the guy had that look about him, and the girl, conservatively dressed, was quiet as a churchmouse. They were polite to the landlord and sweet to each other. Wouldn't mind having them as neighbors, honestly.

It's nice to live in a place where the property owners give no fucks about "diversity". Sounds like this was a fuxated building that the owners played the long game on when they bought it. I should suggest to the landlord that he run for City Council. He'd have my vote.

Unregistered #racist

Unregistered #racist niggermania.net

It's every nigger's dream to take over and steal what they've never earned or been capable of building for themselves. Doesn't matter whether it's a nigger in Apefrica or a nigger in America. I can remember back in the late 60's when niggers were saying they wanted to take over several Southern states- all the niggers on my school bus were hooting about it like chimps at the zoo who'd just seen a pile of bananas and were delirious over the idea. They kept screeching how they'd take everything we owned~ houses, cars, land etc. and it would be theirs.

I can still see their hysterically delighted faces and remember how they were bouncing up and down in their seats simply overjoyed at the idea of such massive theft and crowing and laughing about it. Even the one nigger on the bus that seemed like a "good one" was celebrating the idea and agreeing with the other niggers and smiling and laughing hysterically. LESSON: There are NO good ones- they all have the same nigger dream. And yes, if they could accomplish it by force, they'd do so in a split second.

Nothing has changed in the nigger's mind since the 60's- even now, niggers talk about taking over several Southern states and having Jackson, Mississippi as the "capital" of "New Africa." Put simply, when niggers are at a disadvantage, it's all about whining and about gibsmedats but if they do gain the ability to take over any state, they'll do what they always do- riot, maim, kill and steal.

It really is a warning to future generations about the Nigger plague. People can be as politically correct as they want to be and "believe" in equality, diversity and all that but it won't make any difference because the nigger doesn't believe in any of that and will act like a nigger when the time comes. All the deluded people with their "Coexist" stickers and mentality will find out the hard way that niggers just want to take over and rule them with an iron fist if they don't kill them first.

Sparky #racist

Sparky #racist niggermania.net

Summer of 1975 I lived in Jersey City, Heights section near St Anne's. No niggers, never saw one unless I went to Journal Square or Central Ave. Anyway ...

I spent two weeks at camp. There were two groups; one white & hispanic, and the niggers. Thankfully segregated tents. Over the two weeks I saw my first examples of basic TNB. Shucking, jiving, ooking, and eeking. Several campers reported minor theft and the nigger population thinned near daily.

They kept singing this song about sardines and pork & beans. But worst of all was the howler monkey shrieks and the daily bullshit we human kids had to deal with. Ever since I have known they weren't "just like us."

My mom got real pissed at me for saying the niggers ruined camp when the parish priest asked how the trip went. Mom was a burgeoning libtard and she just hated being embarassed by my lack of decorum. A condition that persists to this day. Dad slipped me $3, he was a world reknown nigger hater.

To this day I despise niggers.

TheyStink #racist

TheyStink #racist niggermania.net

Living in San Diego, we have one of the best things ever, Roberto's Taco Shop. Folks, you have not experienced a taco until you had one of these amazing greasy cheese and beef filled gifts from heaven. No sit down restaurant can compare. It is the Mexican equivalent of your first Inn-N-Out burger experience. Roberto's Tacos is to Taco Bell is what Inn-N-Out is to McDonald's...I'll leave it at that.

One of the other benefits of a Roberto's Taco shop I have noticed is that niggers don't come in too often. Well unfortunately one came in yesterday. I am sitting down waiting for my food, and the knuckledragger came in. It ordered a taco, got it's receipt and stepped over to the drink fountain. It pulled out a solo cup from it's hoodie pocket and filled it up with a soda it did not pay for while it's taco was being cooked. I had to say something, and since I'm a regular I know the counter guy, Carlos, pretty well. I told him what the nigger did.

Well when it's taco was ready, Carlos called the number. When the nigger went up to get it's taco, Carlos said that will be $2.19. The nigger started ooking it already paid for the taco. Carlos told it, yes you did - but you are not getting it until you pay us $2.19 for the drink. It tried to tell Carlos it got water, which is when I chimed in "No you didn't. I watched you pour a Coke". I could tell it wanted to chimpout so I just stared it down. Carlos once again said "that will be $2.19, Sir". I would not have called it Sir, but Carlos is a gentleman I guess. Well the nigger said "I'z gots no mo money". Carlos said you should have thought about that before you stole the soda and told it to leave. It oooked and eeked about it paying for the taco again and Carlos just said, "I'll call the police and see what they say about this". It left right away without it's taco...so I'm sure it had warrants.

Carlos and I laughed and he gave me the taco the nigger paid for. I think that is the first time in my life I got something from a nigger. I took it and enjoyed it since it's paws never touched it....while I was eating it, I just thought who brings their own cup to fast food places to steal a $2 soda --- only niggers. Hopefully it will never come back.

Jiggz R Us #racist

Jiggz R Us #racist niggermania.net

Well its happened yet again. A filthy fugitive slave tried to ruin my day. At the gym, after my free weight workout I hit the treadmill. On it about 10mins. watching ID about a murder case. I see it. A gottdamn nigger walking up to the treadmill. We have two rows of treadmills. Im the only one on them, but guess where Shitavious goes ? Yup right next to me. It gets better , he pulls out da sail foam and starts blaring vile cRap music. Why doesn't he use his headphones or ear buds ? We know why. Cant aggravate yt that way. I shoot him a look and crank the volume on da teebee n shit.

Dont think he was expecting me to resist, he looked a little coonfused. I saw other humans looking my way as the tv was loud. They figured out pretty quick what was going on though. Thing is I travel an extra 20min to workout there as all gyms near me are 100% fuxated and this gym is mostly human service members , first responders and police. On average we get maybe 2 or 3 pavement apes but as this post shows it only takes one to ruin it.

raisinhead #racist

raisinhead #racist niggermania.net

Well folks I am outa the crap hole and in the house out where there are no niggers. Yesterday I had the moving truck loaded and before I left I walked over to my mailbox to get the last mail. I was coming back and ran into a gaggle of niglets playing in the street. One was yelling to another to put his shirt on. The lille nig nog was telling him eff you nigga.

Another niglet had a remote control car and was running it all over the place. A mexican in his van came down the way. The niglet started running the car all over so the guy could not pass. He waited but must have had someplace to be. He moved on by and crushed the car. The niglet started to chimpout on how he was going to tell his pappy and get his ass kicked.

The mexican flipped the niglet off and kept on going. He was probably visiting friends. His tag was from two counties over. It was funny. That car was busted into a million pieces. I told the niglet to clean things up so other cars would not be damaged. It just walked off ooking and eeking some nigger babble.

GMT #racist

GMT #racist niggermania.net

I guess the closest you can get to that is to find a country that doesn't offer free housing and endless benefits. Without that, a nigger is going to struggle to survive so I would guess countries with either no benefit system OR ones that offer VERY limited benefits to immigrants in general - would be pretty much nigger free.

On a slightly different level, it *could* at least be possible for a good number of NMs to club together to buy a small island. Build some homes and then everyone who owns a share of the island has in their contract of ownership something along the lines of "if the landowner wishes to sell their land, they must offer it first to all the other co-owners and at a price that is the same as was originally paid. Any NEW person wanting to come to the island would have to be voted for - and receive (for example) at least 90% approval to be allowed on the island. Clearly niggers are not going to get a look in.

I guess with a little island and a good number of NMs, such a project may not be utterly impossible - just think, living on a little island with perhaps 50 - 100 other NM families. A little pub / bar, a couple of shops and some basic medical facilities like a small surgery - and near enough to the mainland for emergencies etc but far enough to deter "niggers on a burgling mission".

A well sited mast with a microwave link back to someone on the coastline and you could have high speed web access and VOIP based phone systems delivered locally by WiFi. Brilliant for people who can "work from home". Find somewhere fairly sunny, everyone pitches in with a solar farm and some Nickle Iron batteries (last for DECADES) and use surplus power to get distilled water from the sea for drinking - or some other form of desalination.

Each house has a supply of pumped salt water to flush the WC - and then drinking water for showers and taps. Output from showers and taps used for the garden and output from the WC to septic tanks. Water, Power, Telecomms - all independently other than a single business class link back to the mainland to a fibre broadband connection. But of course, best of all - UTTERLY nigger free.

handiacefailure #racist

handiacefailure #racist niggermania.net

You are VERY LUCKY to have a landlord that hates niggers. Once one nigger moves than it's only a matter of couple years before your building would be majority niggers.

I own a few investment properties and refuse to rent to niggers and there's no way I'll ever accept Section 8.

Whenever I have a rental I have to list I typically list it on craigslist and another local real estate rental website. I'll say right in the ads no section 8 and must be able to pass a credit and previous landlord back ground check figuring that will weed out niggers but a lot of niggers don't pay attention to that or think you'll make an exception for them. So I also put if interested please respond with your name and phone number and best time to reach you. I've weeded out a lot of niggers that way by asking for a name because if a nigger name is listed I delete the email.

On occasions I'll have a nigger applicant with a human name and usually I can tell it's a niggers voice and then I'll just say I have someone interested but calling around in case the deal falls through. The times they have had a human name and didn't sound like niggers on the phone I try to get rid of them fast. I'll make some problem to discourage them like tell them I want to be honest and the AC doesn't cool well while the AC works fine. It's kind of funny because the niggers will think I'm nuts for being honest about a problem not knowing I don't want them living in my property.

Stankassnignog #racist

Stankassnignog #racist niggermania.net

I took the day off to relax at the pool for a while at the apartments where I live. There is a really nice gas grill inside the pool area, and here comes a couple of niggers with 10 packs of buns, a couple of large coolers, and a stack of foam plates a foot and a half tall. Soon they were cooking burgers and chiggun wangs and legs like they were going to cater a large event. Not long afterwards about 30 or more niggers showed up for the big party. They must have put the word out on social media because it happened pretty quickly. I knew they didn't live there because I didn't recognize any of them, and even if there were a renter or two there, we are only allowed a couple of guests at the pool for each resident, and private parties aren't allowed there.

So I placed a call to my neighbor, who also lives there, and told him there were a lot of trespassers at the pool. He just happens to be a cop. In fifteen minutes time there were four police officers there. They couldn't have gotten there any faster if there were a major crime occurring. When the niggers saw the police they were shoving food down their greedy gullets like whales feeding on small fish and gathering to go plates as fast as they could go as the cops told them to get out.

They all filed out in a line like black ducklings, jumped into their hoopties and left the property, because of course they don't live there. That party would have gone all night without human intervention. There were no chimpouts though, and that was shocking, but I had just ruined about 30 niggers whole day with a phone call. That's about one of the most satisfying feelings I have had in a long time!

tarkid30 #racist

tarkid30 #racist niggermania.net

Went into Aarons today to see if they had the Nintendo switch, lo and behold a fat sheboon at the counter sick as shit coughing and sneezing all over everything not giving a single shit.

Thanks nigger because everyone wants your nigger flu or whatever the fuck she had. Needless to say I walked straight back out knowing it was too late because I already touched the door handles.

Fucking uncouth animal.

SpearChuckinJungleBunny #racist

SpearChuckinJungleBunny #racist niggermania.net

I'm glad someone else here is also willing to proudly state that they HATE niggers. I hate niggers more than almost anything in my life, and my hatred for them grows and refines itself with every passing day. However, I do not let me hate consume me, eat away at me, I don't let it dominate me or fill me with bitterness towards the world. What's wrong with hating some things in life? Life isn't all fluffy things and rainbows, you can't know love without knowing hate.

Hate can be a great thing if you let it motivate you to proper action. Not to foolish action like committing crime or seeking vengeance. I hate hate haters. I love having hatred for a few things and using that to motivate me to better myself and my condition. I actually take great pleasure in seeing niggers chimpout or suffer, it fills me with overwhelming schadenfreude, however my hate doesn't eat away at me and ruin my mood or hamper my health. I have my hate under control, and as long as I'm not thinking about niggers, the hatred is forgotten.

There is nothing wrong with hatred so long as it doesn't drive you to do stupid illegal shit or ruin your overall disposition and daily conduct. Use your hatred of niggers to remind you to avoid public transportation at all costs, to always have the means to protect yourself and your loved ones, and to get the hell out of any situation that has niggers if it can be helped. Use your hatred of niggers to remind you to never say to yourself, "Well okay maybe just this one time, maybe this one is different..." regarding some new shitskin you encounter. HELL NO- there are no exceptions, ALL NIGGERS ARE DEMONS.

Tom likes to point out that he doesn't hate niggers because niggers are just animals and how can you hate an animal for behaving like a stupid animal with no self awareness or self control like we humans? That's a great point and I do try and remind myself of that from time to time- they're just niggers doing what niggers do, like crows do what crows do and rats do what rats do and raccoons do what raccoons do. It's when I remember that stance of his that I think my feelings towards niggers is more properly called revulsion, not hatred.

It's easy to think you hate them because we're all raised to think of them as humans, they seem generally humanoid, are bipedal, can manage to barely speak a horrifying form of broken English, and they've learned well how to mimic humans in many ways, even how to operate motor vehicles and deep fry chicken. Our homegrown NAPA's are quite different than mudpie-making African monkeys who would all still be in mudhuts if not for contact with the human race.

We're raised to think niggers are human and in many ways it is SO EASY to momentarily forget that they are not human. If you keep your revulsion/hatred for niggers fresh at all times, you will know exactly what to do when you encounter them, which at a minimum means never letting your guard down around them, EVER.

Groid Watch #racist

Groid Watch #racist niggermania.net

I'm a bit of a nerd, and I enjoy playing games like Warhammer and such. Basically, a bunch of guys move around models of dudes and use measurements and dice rolls to simulate a war. I did this as a young teenager, and it was a lot of fun. As an adult, coming out of the war made me very antisocial so these games helped me make friends and enjoy interacting with people again. These games can be played at your own home, on a large table- but most people go and play them at gaming stores. In these stores, people will play various games on the tables that the store sells. It's usually very social and fun.

Most young kids play Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, which are little Japanese card games where different cards do different things and represent different monsters and powers. If you have children, you probably already know this. Most of the guys I game with have kids that will play the card games while they are playing the war games. It's a family event to go to the game shop on weekends...

... but then the niggers ruin everything.

At some point, the niggers figured out how these card games work. Yes, the card games for children ages 6-12. I'm impressed that they've come so far. Anyway, the niggers will show up and ruin it all. See, the niggers will be around 17 years old, playing with little 8 year olds. The niggers will bully and intimidate the kids, often threatening children until those kids put their cards down and leave. Niggers will also corner them in the parking lot and take their little books of cards. Or, if a nigger loses it will chimp out. Nothing is sadder than watching a near-adult buck nigger raise his fist and scream at an 8-year-old white child because the white child beat the nigger in a game about little cartoon monsters.

Even worse, the younger niggers will do this thing where they run up to guys playing the war games, and one niglet will be asking the guy questions while the other little niggers grab his books, dice, models, or whatever else they can get their hands on. Common protocol when this happens is for us to walk into the parking lot and chase the little niggers until they give us the guy's stuff back, or wait 20 minutes and call the other shops in town because the niggers will go straight there to sell the models. These models are quite expensive.

Believe it or not, some women play these games as well, or go to watch their boyfriends or husbands play. Niggers will notoriously harass them if they go out for a smoke. GOD FORBID you make these niggers leave, because if you do- the niggers will be online on the store's social media page claiming a bunch of racist 'alt-right' KKK guys threatened them when they just wanted to play games. Then the nigger apologists will drive two hours to come and start trying to intimidate people at the shop and making a scene.

The shops are getting less customer traffic now. Most people are just starting private gaming clubs (with 'no niggers allowed' being the unspoken rule). People buy their stuff and leave. No one brings their wife or girlfriend in. Women have stopped playing there. Funny thing- a few months ago, all the shops had a 'NO FIREARMS' policy. Now the shops have taken down those signs and allow CHL holders to carry in their stores. I WONDER WHY.

The whitest, nerdiest, most harmless thing in the world- and niggers can't stand it... they have to come in and ruin it. Used to, niggers would point and laugh at this- which meant they stayed away from it. But I guess they just assumed nerds were pushovers and thought they could come and ruin their good times. Niggers don't understand the concept of a fair game, a fun social event, or a hobby that helps make friends. Niggers only care about 'muh win', and will cheat, fight, steal, and threaten to get what they want. I see now why sports were ruined when niggers were allowed to participate.

Warlord #racist

Warlord #racist niggermania.net

In the beginning God created the world, thus everything was Holy. Satan was jealous of the creation of the human race so he decided to create a race of his own. Since everything touched by God is Holy, all Satan could use was feces, which was not divinely made.

He gathered some up and shaped it into two humanoid figures. As Satan can not give life, he killed two apes and transferred their life essence to the two shit piles. Thus the first niggers came into existence. Which explains why they look like apes and smell like shit.

Mr. Interlocutor #racist

Mr. Interlocutor #racist niggermania.net

What's with the "Hispanic" comments so many people here on Niggermania are posting? I also notice the new banner is gone. My own ancestors come from Germany, France, Scotland and England, but any European, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian or whatever are Caucasian. Some Europeans mixed with Native American people here in the Americas and became Mexicans, Guatemalans, etc. They aren't NIGGERS. Can we be clear on that? I don't harbor any ill feelings to Hispanics or Asians or Native people. I just think niggers are sub-human.

CountyCoonKeeper #racist

CountyCoonKeeper #racist niggermania.net

So, I'm pretty new here but I suppose I should tell you, I'm a nigger keeper at the county jail and former nigger keeper at NU. Today at the coonmunity college i had about 20 niggers in my module, during dinner time one nigger came to me and said he didn't get any cake on his tray. Now the thing is, these niggers forget I'm watching them get dinner. So the nigger comes up to me and says "C/O ahz dint get no cake". I told the nigger, I watched you pass off your cake to your buddy, sit down or go to lockdown.

The nigger insisted that he got no cake and the other chimps began to ook and eek, crying rayciiiism. Because the nigger and the other niggers in my unit tried to manipulate, everyone went to bed at 8:00PM. Why do niggers always try to manipulate and lie? They just have to get one over on YT or in my case a pasty looking White Latino. God I hate niggers. They're loud, lazy and just unpleasant. Don't get me started on the nigger stench of the module either.

bill brasky #racist

bill brasky #racist niggermania.net

As the title states, I almost ran over a nigger yesterday evening. I took the day off yesterday (as mentioned in another thread I have been working a ton of overtime). And I made an eye doctor appointment.

The appointment was late afternoon. The doctor dialated my eyes after asking me if it was okay to do so. Not knowing any better, I'm like, "sure...do whatever you gotta do." Also, it didn't help that she was cute as a button and I would have done anything she asked! (Aren't human women beautiful?)

Anyway, it was dusk when I drove home. The oncoming headlights were blinding me and things were blurry a little since my pupils were wide open! As I was turning left at a traffic light, I could not for the life of me see that nigga shuckin' and jivin' its way across the street.

Of course, it's after dusk, the spook's skin is darker than the devil's soul, it's wearing a black hoodie, black pants and no reflective gear. Heck, I don't even think it had those flashy, ugly expensive sneakuhs on...they usually have reflective stuff on them. It reminded me of that old SNL skit with Dan Akroyd -- Irwin Mainway -- and the child's Halloween costume called "invisible pedestrian". (An all-black costume to go trick-or-treating at night).

I barely missed it. And it was pretty funny because it walked faster after that! I didn't get to see if I was "racist" or a "mutha-fuckuh" or whatever, lol. Why are they so stupid?

Coon's Bluff #racist

Coon's Bluff #racist niggermania.net

Niggers couldn't tell you how the electrons course through their sail fones. Yet they ride the wave of human invention, exploiting it in every way. They don't make the bus, but they destroy the bus that carries their miserable ass. They don't grow, transport, refrigerate, or market food, but that does not stop them from gorging.

They could never create social media, but they use it to riot and create chaos. Their chimp-like mind is too preoccupied with their damn bling and noise, their withered soul is too vulgar and irreverent to pause to notice the grandeur of nature. Natural beauty is merely a convenient backdrop, stained by a garish sheboon hellfie-selfie.

double o negro #racist

double o negro #racist niggermania.net

I lived in a high rise apartment for seven plus years in Denver with all Latinos. Every once in a while i had to pound on a door at 3 a.m. and scare some dumb ass kids into turning down the tunes and usually drink a shot with them so we didn't hate each other later. I lived in a rooming house in downtown Madison, Wisconsin for seven years or so and it was o.k. except when they'd bring in a random nigger or coal-burner who brought in niggers. I even had a wannabe pimp living across the hallway from me until i took care of that problem by putting signs all over the neighborhood advertising his business and he was evicted. I had to get rid of some drug dealers too by scaring them (can't talk about that) and doing stuff to their property with paint off a balcony. I even opened the front door once and dumped a garbage can full of water onto two niggers sitting on the steps who were bugging college girls walking by.

The worst part i think about living with niggers was watching the white people who basically became niggers too by associating with them, doing drugs they bought from them or traded sex for their addiction problems. One of my biggest pet peeves is listening to a cute white girl talking ghetto because they live around niggers and try to act like them. You know its going to end bad for them and they'll end up at the womens shelter down the block pushing a stroller around with a little halfroid whose life sucks from th3 beginning. This was a house that took in people on SSI but not old people, just shitheads and shitskins. I worked the nightshift so i missed out on all the nights activities. I was able to work three saturdays overtime each month to pay the rent and the rest went in the bank.

This whole thing ended when two different people brought in stuff off the street with bugs in them and i had to throw away stuff and move. I'm in a secure building with many requirements to get in and the few niggers in the building are lesbians and one old couple and he works nights so it's just magic niggers that don't want to live with niggers. I will work two jobs again or be homeless again just to avoid living with niggers. I have a friend who worked in the Chicago projects for years as a maintenance man and he has nothing but horror stories. Sorry about the random order of the paragraphs i was adding stuff in with my phone as i was writing this. Time for a nap and then some nigger-free night musky fishing.

ConcernedNeighbor #racist

ConcernedNeighbor #racist niggermania.net


Well I had a really bad day at work today because of a nigger.

I went to the bathroom to take a leak in a urinal as I have for as long as I can remember and while peeing I become aware of water on my left foot. Turns out in the stall next to the urinal a nigger who holds an MBA (from Benedict University) missed the commode by no less than 2' and ultimately peed on my left shoe!

I shouted, "What the fuck. You are peeing on my foot?" The answer I got was, "Oh, sorry man it was an accident. I didn't know it was you." I responded, "What does it matter who I am, I peed on my god damned fucking shoe!"

Nigger: "It was a mistake. Sorry man. Let me get you some paper towels."

Okay, so I leave work and throw my shoes in a plastic bag and go shoe shopping in just socks to Kohl's. A number of people are looking at me like "WTF."

I am wearing a shirt and tie and get to the checkout and the lady gave me this funny look. I responded, "it's a long story why I don't have shoes but let's just say I was peeing and someone in an adjacent stall peed on my foot. Followed by a "I left my Kohl's VIP card at home. Anyway, somehow the cashier gave me a 30% discount... I left with new shoes.

Anyway, so we are in a meeting and I show up late. The nigger is in the meeting, too. Folks ask why I am late, and I responded, "I had to get new shoes."

Everyone looks at me. What happened? Me: "Ronald, why don't you tell everyone what happened to my shoes." Okay, so I tell everyone what happened, and it was funny because the conference table suddenly had people sitting further away from Ronald!

Later I get called into HR, and they want to ask me about my anger issues. I explain I have no anger or I would have smashed Ronald's face in, but I didn't. Then they said that someone told on me for "hurting Ronald's feelings" and that it could even have a career impact on him since other folks were in there. I responded, "Good, but he has no feelings to hurt." She then said, "well we don't want any trouble and while we investigate, we are suspending you with pay until Monday. Don't make a big deal out of nothing!

I responded, "How about suspending Ronald for assaulting me by peeing on my shoe. He was probably high or drunk." To which I got, "there is no evidence of this, but we don't want any legal action from Ronald, so you will have to tone it down." Then the HR nigger princess gave me and my boss paperwork to sign.

I asked my boss to meet me outside in 15 minutes because I am going home early. On my way out, I tied the shoe laces together and wrapped the shoes over the HR nigger princesses door knob. In her own words, "it's no big deal" - we will see.

I walked out pissed. My boss followed me and said, "I have nothing to do with it. Just enjoy the weekend and don't worry about it. He said he would have not handled it as diplomatically as I did." Then about 6 PM I get a ring on the door and my boss is standing there. I am thinking... he probably came out to tell they fired me, but that wasn't it.

He just picked up dinner for my girlfriend, he and I. He told me how the reason none of our products are being brought to market is the nigger managers over them etc. I always thought he was a niggermaniac, but now I know. Anyway, he told me that he spoke with our VP or Product Development who feels the same way, and that they are taking care of everything as best they could, but there are now going to be some changes I am not going to like, but it is out of his control...

He explained that he is also no longer going to be my boss as of Monday that I am being moved to another floor in another department and am off the project I worked on for the last three years, but I won't work anywhere near Ronald. My parking spot i also in a different parking garage, and that this change has taken place because "Ronald doesn't feel safe at work." The HR lady is also mad, and I shouldn't have left my shoes on her door knob that it was "degrading to black folks" and she wasn't touching them... They offered to get the janitor, but she wouldn't allow that because he is well black. Had to have a white maintenance man remove my shoes!

I responded, "it is great that I keep my job, my pay, and my benefits because my family needs that, but really it should be Ronald who has contributed NOTHING who should be moved or relocated." He just nodded and said, "you can still come and drink with us all. Drinks are on us, Friday."

Fact is I work with really great people who went to bat for me, but I didn't do a damned thing wrong but make Ronald explain in a meeting that he peed on my shoes, but now I am the villain for doing that!

I have been here 14 years, yet Ronald has been here less than one (1) year and is still on probation, yet nothing happens to his nigger ass for peeing on my shoe, yet I am taken off MY project.

Shittin' Niglets #racist

Shittin' Niglets #racist niggermania.net

The real question is..

Were these worthless, screechingly LOUD niggers different, read: quiet(er) at a different point in history? I spent the 20th century nigger FREE. I am now in process of making it this way again, after spending the last 10-12 years in a fuxated part of the country, so I have no real knowledge of the nigger, pre-2006.

It seems with this Obama Yo Mama fuck setting these grease apes amok in this great country, coupled with the endless liberal worship/coddling of these vile things, they only really came to existence in the past 15 years.

Now, they are EVERYWHERE, and LOUD. Were they always this way? Or was it the sail foam, looksutme, shit cRap, "urban" worship, constantly represented in media, constantly celebrated "cultcha" disgusting social media satanism/human genocide which is destroying the fabric of society in the name of "diversity" which caused this shit? I mean, history is being re-written daily by the constant oversaturation of liberal/leftist media.

I constantly see pretty white teens hand in hand with greasy shit apes with cheetos hair and that STINK. I see soccer moms blasting obscene FILTH cRap from their minivans. I'm forced to go to meetings about how we cannot discipline (or even say a WORD) to some nigger who won't stand for the flag pledge, much less even discipline them for anything in life, especially me (because I'm an evil WHITE guy), including the NOISE. I exist in some kind of opposite world of everything I've ever known in life. Being quiet, intelligent, successful, clean and cultured is bad.

Flag pledge is bad. America is bad. Europe is bad. Having interest in my Russian heritage is bad. Being Christian is bad.. Being white is completely BAD, being male is bad, being straight is bad. (I am not shaming any orientations, just saying, it's bad, because... everything I am, in the year 2017 in America...is bad.

And THEY will never fuckin' stop SCREAMING. But if we ever say one word... we lose our jobs, lose our everything. God help us.

OK_Dokie #racist

OK_Dokie #racist niggermania.net

I smoke. I went outside to the smoke area on break. There was another white female there and there was only the 2 of us. We are smoking our cigs as fast as we can to get back to work and some crazy, female, nigger walks up to us.

The nigger has some sort of temp cast on her leg and is on crutches. Now, you got to understand, I work downtown in a big city and there are restaurants everywhere...StarBucks, fast food, bars, all sorts of things.

The nigger then proceeds to scream at me (why me?) that she is looking for a bafroom. She then screams she has diabetes and has to go right now. RIGHT NOW. Nigger says RIGHT NOW several times. As a niggermanic, the thought ran though my mind she just might squat there like an animal. She points at the restaurant next to where me and the other white female were smoking, and asks about this restaurant bathroom. Hell, I don't know. I don't eat out. I am too busy paying taxes to support her lifestyle. I tell the beast I do not know.

Nigger walks away screaming about crazy shit. Once the sheeboon was gone, I look at the younger white lady that was there smoking with me and said WTF? She says, yeah, why would I know? We laugh a bit about the stupidity of niggers.

Always gibs, always. Crazy niggers downtown. Never changes.