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It is important to understand the nature of the current war, lest we suffer from unnecessary frustration and disappointment. First of all: arresting a few public puppets is useless. It’s like locking up a low level drug-dealer, while leaving the ringleaders untouched. Guys like Gates and Fauci can easily be replaced by the cabal, if they were to be jailed. It is more effective to let them display their evil to the whole world, so a much greater deliverance can be accomplished in the long run.

I have reason to believe there is indeed a large scale white hat military intelligence operation going on, to uproot the entire worldwide system of institutionalized corruption. The goal is to eliminate this evil once and for all. This is however warfare on a level none of us can understand. There is no way this can be done quickly. We need to be brave, patient, and do our part.

A military officer recently told me something that can help us:

“Most people don’t understand military operations. They have no patience and want everything to happen right away. They don’t know what it is to fight, keep fighting, never give up, adapt your strategy to changing circumstances, and continually push ahead until the victory is achieved.”

That hit me, because it is so true. We really need to grow our character and shift from being lazy consumers who demand quick gratification, to becoming mature adults who understand that humanity is undergoing its greatest transformation of all time. We are living in truly historic days.
Think about this: the incredibly powerful and beautiful Creator made this earth, with all its dazzling wonders. Magnificent flowers, splendid butterflies, lush grass, vast forests, majestic mountains and everything that lives in it. Wonders galore!

The evil entities did not create this splendor. All they can do is destroy it.
You were born to be a dragon slayer, not a dragon worshipper.

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Now let’s go to Alba Hodsoll, another so-called pedovore artist whom I accidentally found her work on one of Ray Chandler’s Instagram. She must be in Ray Chandler’s cycle. To know about Ray Chandler who was a sex slave in Jeffry Epstein Island click here.


No, you are not wrong. These are baby hearts and we are looking at a sandwich. I am going to write an extensive article on Planned Parenthood with videos and decoded secrets but Planned Parenthood hearts are as tiny as an unborn baby while these hearts must belong to 4-5-month-old born babies. Where do they come from? Is Planned Parenthood somehow involved in obtaining small babies body parts too?

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The Anunnaki Code is an effective tool to foresee forthcoming events in the immediate and long term future. The expression or term “foreseeing” is never used in the Anakh language and by extraterrestrials because they don’t foresee and predict.
2,029 A.D.: Several American bases will be created on Mars and the moon. Several stargates will fill our skies, and become fully operational and totally controlled by American scientists.
2,027-2,026 A.D.: By November 2,026, The United States will resurface as a major key player in world’s affairs and regain its universal leadership. The American Dollar will have a face-lift. Puerto Rico becomes a major spatial base for extraterrestrials. Many extraterrestrial bases will be created on earth, the majority in the United States.

2,026 A.D.: A new powerful and global religion will be established on earth, created by new scientific development and a direct contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Many will convert to this new religion except the Muslims. Islam and a form of extraterrestrial-spiritual religion will become the two major religions on earth.

2,025 A.D.: Afro-Americans become the majority in the United States. Islam will unify all Muslim countries, and several Islamic countries will acquire the atomic bomb. Muslims in Europe will constitute 72% of the French population, 64% of the Scandinavian countries, and 91% of the African Continent.
A major military confrontation between Muslim countries and Israel will decimate many nations on the globe. Tibet will become an independent country.
A military alliance between Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and 29 Muslim countries will shift the world’s military, nuclear, commerce and peace balance.

2,022 A.D.: Threat to humanity: 2,022 A.D., September. The Higher Council of the Anunnaki learned that the aliens intend to attack earth on a massive scale by 2,022.

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Krampus is a Christmas devil companion of Santa (i.e. anagram for Satan) who punishes children by beating them with a stick or steals them in his sack (no, Satan’s sack is not for gifts).

The figure resembles another horned being, that of Moloch (i.e. Anunnaki “god” Marduk) who was also given children through fire or to a giant throne. But that is another pagan/Anunnaki “celebration” that was adopted by modern religions — yes, I’m talking about Easter.
As I have presented through the years, hundreds of thousands of children are kidnapped every single year, most times with the help of the highest religious institutions such as the Vatican, and sacrificed in Satanic rituals dedicated to Moloch. The reason why we have human sacrifices all over the planet, in some of the most prevalent cultures, is because the Anunnaki required them.

(Also, please note the cannibalistic ritual of the Liturgy/Mass, in which all Christians across the planet are required to pretend drinking the blood and eating the flesh of – allegedly – Jesus Christ).

The “gods” of antiquity were flesh and bones Anunnaki and the so called “pagan” religions that followed, worshiped them under different names and almost identical rituals. The most prevalent of today’s religions are all based on paganism (i.e. the worship of the Anunnaki colonizers), including Christianity.
When Nimrod/Dumuzi died, his cousin-wife Semiramis/Inanna, claimed that a full-grown evergreen tree sprang overnight from a dead tree stump.

Now, there are two versions of the story, one stating that Dumuzi’s anniversary was on December 25th and his spirit would visit the evergreen tree every year on this date to leave gifts upon it.

The second version states that the son of Semiramis, Tammuz, by his dead husband, Dumuzi, was born on December 25th.

Whatever version is true, two things are clear: The “Christmas tree” is in fact “Nimrod’s tree” and December 25th is a Satanic celebration.

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I asked myself the question, “What would life be like in a Civilized Galactic Society (CGS)? This one’s difficult for me to know because of being on a currently fallen planet, and there are many different Civilized Galactic Societies with varying levels of development to consider. I could start with what does not exist in any CGS, as the following:

Right vs. Left political division/identity politics

Political propaganda/media deception of all types

Racial discrimination and its counterpart (false projections of racial discrimination)

False projections of any kind


Food shortages/starvation

Wars, including timeline wars


Diseases and illnesses of all types, including cancers




Mental disorders

Fallen technologies


Need for a money system

Uncontrolled aging

Negative elites and their minions/negative forces

False Vacuum/anomaly


There are probably more additions I could write, but perhaps the above list covers most of what does not exist in a CGS. So, what does exist in a CGS?

The following is what exists in a Civilized Galactic Society that comes to mind. This list is by no means complete:

Empowering spiritualities

Source-oriented, non-fallen technologies that are in harmony with nature

Physical immortality, if chosen

Peace and harmony between all peoples

Ascension to Source, when ready

Constructive hierarchies and/or authentic, constructive egalitarian systems

Transparent governments

Fully activated metaphysical abilities

Authentic free will

Authentic love

Free flowing abundance

Active communication with other Civilized Galactic Societies

Galactic Codex

True vacuum


It’s difficult to imagine what life would be like in a CGS because almost all of what the surface population has ever known are the very things that do not exist in a CGS. I suspect that the lowest level of happiness in a CGS is far beyond the maximum level of happiness ever achieved by anyone on Earth.