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The Anunnaki Code is an effective tool to foresee forthcoming events in the immediate and long term future. The expression or term “foreseeing” is never used in the Anakh language and by extraterrestrials because they don’t foresee and predict.
2,029 A.D.: Several American bases will be created on Mars and the moon. Several stargates will fill our skies, and become fully operational and totally controlled by American scientists.
2,027-2,026 A.D.: By November 2,026, The United States will resurface as a major key player in world’s affairs and regain its universal leadership. The American Dollar will have a face-lift. Puerto Rico becomes a major spatial base for extraterrestrials. Many extraterrestrial bases will be created on earth, the majority in the United States.

2,026 A.D.: A new powerful and global religion will be established on earth, created by new scientific development and a direct contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Many will convert to this new religion except the Muslims. Islam and a form of extraterrestrial-spiritual religion will become the two major religions on earth.

2,025 A.D.: Afro-Americans become the majority in the United States. Islam will unify all Muslim countries, and several Islamic countries will acquire the atomic bomb. Muslims in Europe will constitute 72% of the French population, 64% of the Scandinavian countries, and 91% of the African Continent.
A major military confrontation between Muslim countries and Israel will decimate many nations on the globe. Tibet will become an independent country.
A military alliance between Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and 29 Muslim countries will shift the world’s military, nuclear, commerce and peace balance.

2,022 A.D.: Threat to humanity: 2,022 A.D., September. The Higher Council of the Anunnaki learned that the aliens intend to attack earth on a massive scale by 2,022.



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