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In​ the online zoom Matryoshka Frequency & Vibrational Reading Course you will learn how to read the living hertz vibration of what your soul frequency is now, when in utero as well just born and explore the energetic frequencies of your auric fields, health: mind, body, soul, finances, creativity, relationships to self and others, personal growth, philanthropy, intuition: clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, IQ (Intelligence), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), SQ (Social Quotient), AQ (Adversity Consciousness), Joy, Ego, Integrity to self and others, self-awareness, clarity, divine purpose, personal purpose, compassion, empathy, energy purity, and the dimensions at which you are currently energetically connected with on your soul and physical paths in life.

​Each category for the frequency vibrational field for example health has the scale ratio for what the field is energetically resonating at right now it could be from 20 - 1000%. As well all the categories have observations sections where you would write down what is going on with someone's health, what blockages there are, diseases, ailments, imbalances, what is healthy in the body and potentially put in suggestions on what can be improved with the health. There are 39 main frequency vibrational field categories as part of the course learning plus additional categories that can be added in based on what you see the client is experiencing in their energetic frequencies those categories are also included in the course materials.

The soul field and the physical body’s energetics can be measured as living frequencies in several different categories for doing the frequency and vibrational reading analysis through the Matryoshka Frequency Reading Technique which is a spiritual soul reading system that helps us to connect with who we are on a soul level and understand ourselves as living beings.
​Course prices are: 4 hours is $475 USD

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The Zarian’s are a 9D and up race, they inhabit four planets in the Seraphus star system, which is located on the border perimeter of known space. The planets Anasym Alpha and Denuneb are within the boundary of known space and Claretus Minor and Calantrus Prime exist within the unknown space sector.

According to the Zarian channeled message there will be a major event in a couple of years, they said that approximately approaching the year 2020, Earth will be reaching the completion of its ascension process into our higher dimensional awareness cycle. During this time the moon will touch the sun. This means that the moon will be taken outside of Earth’s orbit and will do a five to six rotation orbit cycle around the sun to expedite the ascension process of Earth and its inhabitants. Once the rotation cycles of the moon around the sun have ended a tractor beam will be used to move the moon out of the Milky Way galaxy as the moon was originally brought to orbit alongside Earth from a distant star system and has been inhibiting the Earth ascension process for the past 26,000 years.

The moon is a crystalline space ship that is artificial in nature and it messes with the Earth's tides causing disruption of the weather patterns and seasonal changes, the Earth has the capability to regulate its tides without the artificial moon. I received an answer that the moon's anti matter gravity engine drives are damaged so it cannot travel through space anymore as it has been stationed orbiting near Earth for too long, this is what caused the damage to the engines, no movement in space. The dolphin people will be helping the Zarian's to tractor beam the moon away from Earth and our solar system. These dolphin people are called the Nommos, they are a race of beings that takes the physical forms of dolphins, whales, mermaids/mermen. The Nommos play an important role in Earth's evolution.

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As the Star Traveler I use my third eye to open a wormhole gateway portal in the known universe space, then I go and visit different planets where I am intuitively guided to go to learn something important from various star nation races.

About the Anusani:

Anusani evolved from one of the cat races, they are similar in appearance to human felines. Appearance wise Anusani are 10 to 11 feet tall, with slim muscular bodies, compact for running long distances. Eyes range in colors from amber to brown, and light green. Some of the Anusani who live at the base of the mountains have slight fur on their bodies, those that live in warmer climates have no fur, and both species of races have slightly pointed ears and golden or blue skin. They are from a planet called Telaris, in the Vega star system. Their abilities are memory retrieval, recalling what has been veiled or hidden and what needs to come forth to the surface. They look at recurring patterns in the universe to see where positive changes need to be made, and plan world timelines to avoid issues occurring in the past or future. They call themselves the celestial time keepers of the crystalline universal grid matrix, realities that bridge within themselves, and shift conscious paradigms, creating one reality instead of many unnecessary realities that mask what is the true essence of soul sparks. Anusani exist on an 8D level, they have a binary sun, live 12,000 years in lifespan, and their planet is rocky with many mountains, hills and green valleys of land, not as much water as on other planets, there is three moons around Telaris called Venshu, Galata, and Rinshui, there is an ample supply of water on those moons. The soil of Telaris is red which enhances the Anusani psychic abilities and allows them to see and monitor various future timelines. There is a mineral in the planet soil called Argentinium which allows the Anusani to have the ability for future recall of memories.

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This is like a blueprint diagram of various timeline patterns that can be seen when exploring the facets of time travel in the light body which is connected with the energies of the universe and living matter. It is about exploring the being that we have been, seeing where we are going, how our actions can create changes for the world and in our own emotional states.

The above diagram represents a type of circuit that is like a road map which guides the mind, body, and soul on its path of exploration and connection with the higher self-consciousness as it discovers the higher dimensional aspects of what exists in various realities and the universe.

It feels like expanding and broadening the understanding of where everything begins in creation, how time sequence codes work, how soul memory within the DNA blueprints integrate with the organic aspects of the living soul in what is happening in one's life on the physical scale and the higher dimensional worlds that we travel to.

The mind may see things from a logical point of view but there is always a connection with the emotional higher soul when looking at timeline possibilities and the frequency of variables in what type of changes are made have an impact on both the individual and co-creative aspects of learning, exploring the past, present and the future through time travel. Some have the abilities of changing events in time which is not linear but fluidic with a steady flow of energies connecting various timeline streams, this is done with respect to the outcomes of what happens, hopefully in positive ways as everything is interconnected biologically and also holographically impacting parallel worlds, universes, trans-dimensional portals, etc.