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[From "Thoughts on Familial Separation Within Slavery"]

One of the most frequent, and longest enduring, critiques of slavery, encapsulating all variants, is the forced dissolution of bonds of kinship through sale, labor allocation, or selective forced emancipation. The separation of youths from their parents, brothers and sisters, or relatives more generally seems to inspire a degree of emotional anguish on an instinctual level, this does not come from a thorough analysis
Slavery is a form of government, by far the oldest form of government, and within any form of governance there will be appropriate and inappropriate pressures that will be put upon those who are governed
Within civilization, a slave will be, and should be, the being whose qualities imply necessary subordination for normative functions[…]These characteristics could be laziness, decadence, physical or mental inability, or a general incompatibility with the sensibilities of the population one lives within. A master should be one who is of noted and consistent benefit to the society in which he lives[…]Should the masters’ word not have supremacy over the slave?
If we perceive this to be the case, and a master fails in his guidance of his slaves through an unjust and irresponsible familial separation, or in any other noteworthy respect, then it is not the failure of slavery, it is only incidentally the failure of the master[…]If, however, it is determined this familial separation was ultimately appropriate[…]the master did a service to his former property where said property is now bound to seek more constructive opportunities
The role of a family[…]is to act as a cornerstone of society[…]represent those who are established to be of the very tissue of the societal structure[…]The role of the slave is divergent[…]he does not need to be granted the same type of upbringing or affiliations

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[From "A Defense of the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade"]

Before looking at any historical controversy we must ask most importantly, “Who, and why?”
Africans were not fit for self government,nor were they fit, or capable of the most tawdry of anarchic imitations of civilization. They were, and still are a servile slave race
To detain the African in war, and ensure his continued compliance through absolute servitude was appropriate for both the African tribes, and the European traders[…]To export them from Africa was to accomplish a wide variety of these goals. It negated, and lessened those who were prone to violence, and unrest within the dregs of African society
European, and American society utilizing the divine institution of slavery acted as glorious pacifying, civilizing forces for even the most barbarous of the previously war prone Africans
For all the alleged, and often accurate depictions of the horror of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Tribal war was often a far bloodier affair than most trips from Africa to other land
Labor is always necessary but we recognize the unfortunate troubles that so often accompany the common laborer[…]at any moment could be apt to indulge in excess, anti social behavior, or self destructive pursuits, as the pressures of “free society” demands. The trans-Atlantic slave acted as a way to give civilization her labor
Tthe trans-Atlantic slave trade was not simply moral it was the manifestation of the divine institution of slavery in unprecedented, near perfect form constructing a caste of the conscripted inferior race, and the master race

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My Sympathies for Racial Slavery Explained

In my advocacy of slavery race is often invoked by those ignorant of my proposition. My variant of slavery would, ideally, be implemented in a mono-racial society, and therefore could have no racial component. I genuinely favor a mono-racial society over all multi-racial models. I do not advocate this form of slavery or the society it entails as an ideal, I believe it to be preferable relative to this modern, racially egalitarian, democratic society, aswell as believing it to be the best variant of multi-racial society in any form, but I do not believe it to be the best form of society in totality.

All participants in society owe a societal debt, but those of the minority population owe an intrinsic debt to the national citizenry. They are not of the nation and must be ensured to be in conformity with national ideals. Minority populations are often nepotistic on the basis of their sense of a shared interest. Given these tendencies, they should be forcibly put into the slave system thereby ensuring they pay their debts to the national whole.

Without these societal protections the minority races congregate into their own ghettos and begin a process of subversion of national character. Thus is my rationalization for racial slavery and why I have found myself in sympathy with this notion.

While I may be in sympathy with these notions, ultimately I believe the prioritization by the White race should be of and for our racial kindred. While racial slavery is a solution to the problems that accompany a multi-racial state, the sovereignty of our race, the propriety of our state, and the continuation of our blood should be actualized exclusively by our White race.

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Welcome to the only pro-slavery website on the internet, this website came into its existence on April 15th, 2020. Here you’ll find pro-slavery music, literature, poems, & much more. The goal of this website is to articulate a modern pro-slavery point of view, while honoring and presenting ancient and antebellum pro-slavery arguments and pro-slavery perspectives.

Humanity is moving towards a doctrine of egalitarianism, freedom, liberty, individual autonomy, emancipation from fixed hierarchy, and the “divine” or “natural” rights of man. We oppose these pursuits, we believe the ideal of human freedom and its excesses to be an abomination that often negates all considerations of decency, and subverts all claims of righteousness, propriety, morality, etc.

Defining slavery as ownership in man, or involuntary servitude, slavery is inescapable, but the degree of slavery we have today is wholly insufficient, and is being degraded day by day.

We must return to order, return to hierarchy, return to civilization defined not by the will of the autonomous, individualist masses, but by an unmitigated consecration to the cause of right through absolute subordination to good, which is slavery.