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Why The New Anti-Gas Stove Push Is Really About Control, Not Health

The World Economic Forum has a group that did a shoddy and incredibly biased little study about gas stoves being bad for you and the environment. Then they took that shoddy study to the media and the government and advised them to consider advising the public against the use of gas stoves, or even banning them altogether. But as with COVID, this isn’t about health. It’s about control.

If everyone gets rid of their gas stoves in favor of electric, then all those people become dependent on the electricity grid. And who controls that grid? The same people in positions of power who are conspiring to force you to get rid of your gas stove and end up dependent on the electricity grid. Once you’re dependent on that grid, that means you’re dependent on them.

It’s not about the stove, and it’s not about health. It’s about control.

Now consider the logical progression of this power grab. What would happen if (when) they decide to manipulate the electricity grid? They’ve forced you to give up your gas stove and made you dependent on the electricity grid for an electric stove, and now they’ve decided that they’re only going to let you have access to a certain amount of electricity or calculate the amount of electricity you get based on a social credit system. This now affects what and how you can cook to feed your family. You become further dependent upon them. You’re now more willing to capitulate to their demands so that you can get electricity to cook for your family.

But let’s say the people push back against this gas stove ban and refuse to give up their gas stoves. That’s OK, because you know what the government can do? They can force the corporations to phase out the production of gas stoves so that you can no longer purchase a gas stove even if you wanted to. Everyone’s stove has to be replaced eventually and when that time comes for you, your choice will have already been made for you. They’ve forced you into greater dependence on them.

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Government School Sponsors Lecture, Book Signing By “The Transgender Child” Author

I no longer call them “public schools.” They aren’t working for the public’s best interest, they don’t consider public sentiment or priorities, and for more than 2 years, they weren’t open to the public. They are government schools. They’re run by the government, fueled by politics, used to indoctrinate children with government agendas, and funded by American tax dollars that are being increasingly confiscated by the government from hardworking Americans amid unprecedented reckless government spending. They are government schools, not public schools.


And the Davis Joint Unified School District government school in Davis County, California, is using taxpayer funds to sponsor a lecture and book signing event by Rachel Pepper, a licensed marriage and family therapist (terrifying) and author of a book titled, “The Transgender Child; A Handbook for Parents and Professionals Supporting Transgender and Nonbinary Children.” The event promises “a groundbreaking, compassionate, and comprehensive GPS for offering understanding, love and support to gender expansive and transgender young people.” All good things, but in and by a government school, sponsored by taxpayers, and pushing an extremely polarizing agenda? I certainly don’t agree with that. If they’re sponsoring entire events and book signings, what else is happening in the classrooms that aren’t quite as advertised?

(At this point the author includes a tweet advertising the event, and then a description of the event)

Children 12 and over are “welcome to attend with an adult.” Notice it doesn’t way “with a parent.” Because perhaps they’ll be coming with an adult who is helping them keep secrets from their parents?

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