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Issei Sagawa (1949-2022)

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Issei Sagawa, perhaps one of the foremost experts in dealing with The Human Problem during the twentieth century. While he is gone from our physical world, he remains forever in our hearts.

Sagawa rose to fame when [...]

He shot [Dutch student Renee Hartevelt] in the neck, raped her, and then consumed parts of her body over the course of several days.

But in 1983 he was deemed unfit for trial by French medical experts and was initially held in a psychiatric institution before being deported to Japan in 1984.

But on his arrival, he was ruled sane by Japanese authorities, who decided Sagawa’s only problem was a ‘character anomaly’ and that he did not require hospitalisation.

Essentially the outlook of the Japanese is that if one of their citizens ate someone of another race, this goyische person was not human and not worthy of inconveniencing a Japanese citizen. Besides, they reasoned, Sagawa was going to sell millions in merch.


He was featured in a magazine for his paintings of naked women, appeared in a pornographic film and produced a manga comic book that depicted his crime in graphic and unrelenting detail.

But he displayed no apparent sign of remorse or reform, telling Vice in a 2013 interview as he looked at posters of Japanese women: ‘I think they would taste delicious’.

In the meantime, as humanity reaches a staggering eight billion people, it has become clear that we have chosen the path of The Ecocide rather than being willing to say NO to anyone no matter how insane, stupid, criminal, or perverse/promiscuous there are.

The quest for a replacement to natural selection goes on, but in the meantime guys like Sagawa seem to be ensnaring the credulous who do not notice obvious mental health problems staring them in the face. Perhaps if we had a billion such men humanity could heal itself.

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[From “Sodomize The Weak”]

“Sodomize” is a verb that in the heterosexual West implies subjugation and dominance, where “the weak” is part of a binary opposite, which means that the stronger are subjugating the weaker. In other words, a Darwinistic view: the more apt must dominate the less apt.

This amounts to a general defense and praise of elitism, since the implication of “weak” is that something stronger will take its place.


At this point, we have an organic version of the bubble sort: that which is better rises, and that which is less-better falls. This gradually sets up a hierarchy by comparing all to all, such that actual order is achieved with the best on top and the others arrayed appropriately below them, as one would find in a well-functioning military, business or academic unit.

How do we define the best? If we are intelligent, we do not, but instead recognize that it has two general attributes: competence and the related ability to discern what is not just utilitarian-adequate but also “good,” in the sense of improving life as far as can be. We want not just those who are effective, but those who improve the qualitative nature of the situation around them as well.

In other words, if you set up a computer with a billion virtual objects in it of unequal positions or characteristics and give them each the instruction to sodomize the weak, you will shortly end up with a highly organized arrangement where the most powerful objects are on top. If those are also wise, the order will be beautiful, elegant, awe-inspiring and so on.

This is how nature works. Your planet gets hit by an asteroid or virus and the dinosaurs fade away, but they are replaced by new creatures with the ability to survive such things. These creatures start as dumb rodents, but after millions of years of sodomizing the weak, you end up with majestic horses, humans who make death metal, whales (the ocean not SJW kind) and panthers.

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[From “Coronavirus Mainly Killing Off Soy Fruit City Dwellers And Leftists (Darwin Chuckles)”]

Metal exists in part to explain an insane world in a way that will not drive us insane, with starts by acknowledging that everything that groups of humans think is order is chaos, the “chaos” of nature is in fact an intense order, and that we are not insane for noticing that humanity is insane and needs a 2×4 to the head to wake up.

During these covidy times, one wonders what is real and what is not. One side says that this is just an unpleasant flu and not to worry, while the other side says that it is the apocalypse and we must go full Soviet now. As an anti-liberal naturalist and Darwinian nihilist, of course I see both sides as too liberal.

The Right wants to keep the economy from cratering, and they have a point. Better to lose a few million than impoverish everyone. Money means survival. The Left are just insane, since their hope is to drive Trump from office and adopt a socialist-style entitlements program like a UBI to gently transition us into Communism.

Neither side seems to grasp the Nietzschean/Platonic view, which is that if you identify the people with the disease and lock them up, the problem goes away at least for now. You have to be a boots ‘n braces fascist to demand quarantine at gunpoint however, so the moron Right and the insipid simpering Left both oppose it.

Luckily the coronavirus is thinning the herd in cities and those tend to be Left-leaning by their very nature as communalist conformist hive-minds and rationalization echo chambers …

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