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If you don't acknowledge the correlation between race and behavior, you'll never solve the current decline in society.

spoilerCities aren't dangerous.
Certain neighborhoods aren't
dangerous. The dark of night
isn't dangerous. Certain people
who inhabit them are.

@Nature_and_Race You'll discover evidence of the holocaust before finding a wealthy liberal moving to a predominantly black neighborhood.

@Nature_and_Race You can take the black out of the Savage lands, but you can't take the Savage out of black hands..

Conservatives- "We are all one race"

Also Conservatives... around blacks đź‘Ś


@Nature_and_Race We are being attacked by two sub-human races simultaneously, the high I.Q. Neanderthal mongrel jews who have taken over our institutions and their low I.Q. sub-Saharan niggers who are taking over our streets.

@RealAnnyIrish @Nature_and_Race Perfectly stated.

@RealAnnyIrish @Nature_and_Race I've been around many jews though while intelligent, their overall logic is usually flawed, corrupted by their talmudic beliefs which come out if you press the right buttons.

@Nature_and_Race cities don’t kill people, black people kill people.

@Nature_and_Race It's taken me a while to come around to the idea that 'thinking racially' is the correct way to think.

But now I see it's true.

@Nature_and_Race ..and they have been deliberately imported to spook the natives on behalf of the corrupt Control System that wants Whites to be genocided...They Come...They Breed,Rape,Terrorize,Defecate,Leech,Infect and Plunder....We DIE!



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