Two Anons #psycho #racist #transphobia #wingnut

(UK Anon)
>be white 13 year old boy in 2022
>constantly told you’re what’s wrong with the world
>you’re responsible for racism, sexism and homophobia
>told to trust science in school (except for when you realise races could be different and men can’t be women)
>be told you’re the biggest threat to humanity despite your demographic committing ridiculously less crime than other races
What’s in store for future kids? Teenage boys are inherently combative and don’t really take being criticised well. So what’s gonna happen in 10 years when they have the power? Will globohomo engineering backfire with horrific results?

(US Anon)
They will plot a violent purge from the sidelines, like they are now. They fear the white man, and not a single time in history has he not wiped the floor with sniveling kikes.
>the fire rises, and the jew keeps pouring gasoline on it



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