Devolution #racist

I could create the only true nigger superhero from this inspirational story. It’s already got the perfect name- Silento, and character, cRapper. A silent cRapper. Great start, just think of the millions of niggers NOT ooking and eeking bixnood at typical niggerized volume everywhere the beasts roam! It seems to enjoy bringing goodness to its fellow hellspawn, an indication of the highest moral character on the nigger spectrum, and a worthy mission in itself. It could use its majikul flyin gypshun powers to swiftly and silently gather the worlds niggers together in the utopia of their high tech African society where niggers will be saved from the evil YT enablers who profit from stealing their muh-dik and abusing its fearsome power! No more demoralizing gibs, ugly coal burners and mutant sprogs to be lobstered, niggers could breeve jist as much as dey wants, no need for po-lice and courts and big busses to Nigger University, no more getting tired out from having to coonstantly rape dem YT wimmenz cuz deyz evywhey! I’m sure Silento would be more than a match for any situation niggers encoonter, especially as TNB never changes. (And as long as it gets them back to Africa niggers can have all the superheroes they want in my opinion)



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