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I risk sounding like a major AH but my SO's dog finally died
Relationship / Family
I'm trying my best to be sensitive of his feelings because I know this dog was in his life before he met me and meant a lot to him. I bought the dog a nice headstone with a picture of it engraved on it (in my opinion I sacrificed the nice view in my yard for him to bury his dog and have a dog shrine basically) I planted flowers on the grave and I've said everything I can think of that would be comforting and helpful. I'm not a total asshole, I do feel bad, not because the dog is dead but because he's upset about it.

However....I'm running low on my ability to keep my mouth shut about how it was just a dog. It's been a few weeks and it's literally every time he sees/hears something dog-related (which is often in this dog obsessed society) he gets emotional but I think what grates my nerves the most is how he always says "that dog was my best friend" like...hellloooo??? I'm sitting right here, a real human. With real ability to have back and forth discussion, share your interests, and have genuine emotions. I guess I just needed to vent somewhere about it so I don't say something I'll regret and have a safe place to say- I am so happy the dog died so I can move on with my dog free life!



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