Congressman Paul Gosar & Various commenters #wingnut

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
We need a total moratorium on all immigration.

We need a total moratorium on all foreign aid.

Most of all, we need to put a stop to America Last politicians and globalist elites having any say in how we run our own country.

@DrPaulGosar Stop finding Israel. Moratorium on aiding and abetting Jewish war criminals.

@Natsoc_united @DrPaulGosar

They're in control of everything and everything sucks. Coincidence?

@DrPaulGosar One you call out the jewish influence I'll believe you. Until then you're lying.

@DrPaulGosar No, what we need is a new government that doesn't include Jews.


We need a total, and permanent, end to ALL government spending.

@DrPaulGosar Foreign aid to Israel should be cancelled. However don't you think that protecting western/American interests in the world require supporting some foreign countries? If China and other enemies of White people can freely operate without intervention, then eventually White people will pay the price.

@DrPaulGosar who are the globalist elite? How can we fight effectively if we don’t know exactly who it is we’re fighting against?

@Gnartical_Waves @DrPaulGosar Mostly Jews, who are the driving force, but many delusional lefty Goyim as well.



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