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When you think of sons and daughters of rich people living it up, what do you feel?

They live like kings in their teens and 20s. Attractive or ugly, doesn't really matter, their lives are a million times better than ours.

We can only imagine it, only see glimpses of it in movies, of how these people live. Money doesn't buy happiness but it kinda does. They aren't stressed about a million different things like us. If they do have a source of problems they can fix it just like that. And the money can buy so many sources of happiness.

And then eventually, when they get tired of enjoying everything under the sun, they get a good job or start a business with the help of their daddy. And later they'll claim it was their merit, their hard work that got them there, their family's wealth was just one factor, hard work being what truly got them there. And they'll live out a happy life wanting for nothing, having everything, including love and anything else you can imagine. But of course rich people propaganda will have you believe they're miserable just like us.

Humanity needs to be purged. Let the flora and the fauna take its place.



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