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A🧵on the great unanswered questions of our time. You all know them, you’ve all asked them and all you get in reply are circular definitions, insults or tumbleweed.

1. What rights do trans people currently not have?
2. Why is it ok to identify into a sex but not a race/ethnicity/disability?
3. Why is standing up for women’s rights transphobic?
4. Why do you care about preferred pronouns when they’re used if you are elsewhere?
5. If trans women are women what they transitioning from?
6. If trans women are women why do they need to transition?
7. Where are all the middle aged women transitioning?
8. If trans men are men, why are they not dominating men’s sports?
9. If being trans is not a medical condition, why do you need medical interventions?
10.How can you be both trans and non-binary?
11.Why does it take surgery and drugs to be your true authentic self?
12.Where are the statistics showing trans people are attacked at a greater rate than other groups of people?
13.Why are trans women’s fears of male violence in single sex spaces justified but women’s fears of male violence in single sex spaces means they are hateful bigots?
14.Why is it not ok to misgender a trans person but fine to call someone ‘cis’ when they’ve asked you not to?
15.If gender is a social construct and anyone can dress/behave however they want, why the need for transition?
16.If sex isn’t real, why transition?
17.Why do feelings trump material reality?
18.Do you believe that adult male born people with a penis should be able to undress in female communal changing rooms with women and girls?
Feel free to add your own.



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