The End #sexist

RE: JFL at Jordan Petercuck

If a mainstream figure says the blackpill is real, and having sex is really just as impossible as incels believe it is, that public figure will be seen as empathizing with killers, terrorists, and LOSERS.

"Women don't want to fuck ugly guys. And since they don't have to, they won't." People act like that's some sort of hate speech and completely imagined by men who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives. Well, you can say it's imaginary, except that it is actually real for all of us actually experiencing it!

Critics always point to the outliers to dispel the blackpill. ''Not all women refuse to fuck ugly men!'' Well - duh. There are 8 billion people on Earth, so yes there are exceptions. It just turns out there are a lot more ugly men than women who are willing to fuck them.

It blows my mind how badly people want to avoid certain truths. I think the public subconsciously believes that accepting the blackpill may act as the first step to accepting that 'fairness' and self-determination are notions that only really exist inside humankind's own heads. I think it's the same reason so many people refuse to believe that free-will is an illusion, despite the overwhelming evidence.



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