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[Venting] The coronavirus is a lie, the economy is fucked and governments need a scapegoat

The wheels have finally come off of our sick societies, be it the society of the UK, of the US or of Germany. I could talk about negative quarterly growth figures, shenanigans from central banks, how we're overdue an economic crash etc. but speaking from my own experience, from the heart if you will, there are too many people contributing nothing and the people who are contributing are a) not appreciated b) denied relationships c) on minimum wage regardless of their importance etc. and they have gradually been losing any motivation to ensure that the organisations they work for function efficiently.

So what's the solution? Hurr durr every civil service of every country is going to put the entirety of western civilisation on hold until they can think what the fuck they are going to do. The media says they are going to raise taxes to pay for the coronavirus, we're actually going to be paying for women taking dick up the arse from CHAD. If I can't get away with half-assing my job and lying to my boss about it then I'm going NEET again, this time permanently and nobody will get a single penny from me ever again, not like it would make any difference to my quality of life anyway.

And finally fuck women, how easy would it be for them to even give a chance to a man with their own house and a steady job all in a nice area? But no, they need 6ft tall love island mega-chad whose only claim to fame is a history degree from the university of bumfuck nowhere and before you call that cope, Chads these days don't even bother having jobs at all until they are in their late 20's.



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