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Why the Soviet Union is needed

Soviet basically offered different version of society because of this America didn't want it's citizens to become pro-Soviet hence all the Anti propaganda.
This meant USA didn't promote degenerate culture until end of Soviets, it's why housing was more affordable before 1990s and why there wasn't anti white media, if Soviets was still about, America and west would be different because western men would support Soviet en masse, they would give secrets ect and vote differently. This is also why dating was easier back then

This is why I think China will win, as American becomes less white and more anti white it will cause friction with Europe which will slowly become more pro Russian/Chinese

Without Europe America soft power is limited

Will American Ideas Tear France Apart? Some of Its Leaders Think So

Look at these Hungary Censored a question about China

Serbian have Chinese Police

Chinese police officers join Serbian colleagues on the beat in Belgrade

Breakingviews - China Inc will recycle used white guys

Will you betray America for what they did to us men?



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