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Yeah, so all you idiots who got jabs and are now magnetized because of it and this is what you have to look forward to. CERN sucking up your soul into whatever updated supercomputer matrix cube update that the ruler of the Demiurge has been working on. In reality, I think your fate is destined to be far worse than that. The waxinnated are honestly so dumb that they don’t deserve to be granted an additional existence of any kind. Even if it is stuck in a new computer game. Someone else’s game. Kind like we already are. But that’s not my call. I have a feeling though that you won’t be granted the same kind of freedoms that were afforded here. Freedoms which allowed you to make such dumb ass decisions in the first place.

Dissing Vaxholes is therapeutic for me I guess.
"cern is a giant electromagent AKA mag-NET , CERN IS A GIANT NET THAT SUCKS HUMANS SOULS INTO HELL , when you take the waxxine venom it contains MAGETIC NANO PARTICLES that turn your blood magnetic and your soul lives in your blood , when you become magnetic cern sucks your soul into its giant electro-mag-NET , YOU GET TRAPPED IN LUCIFERS NET AKA HELL
" donald trump is lucifer aka indra , the glowing ball is hell , it is glowing becuase of all the humans souls trapped in hell , ala the glow=be globe earth glowing with souls , huamns =hu-man hu =light"



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