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RE: Belgian Police Deployed After Clashes Between Chechens, Kurds


“We’ve never seen such incidents before in Liege,” he told AFP.

Well maybe that’s because you have never had Chechens and Kurds before? But this simple logic is probably too much for their brains to handle.

White Americans and Western Europeans seem to have absolutely no logic or common sense to notice multiculturalism doesn't work and never has in the history of mankind.

I guess I somehow missed the articles about clashes between the Swedish and Finnish PhD's in nuclear physics wielding telescopes and laptops with formulas... It's always between the astrophysicists with AK's from those mountainous areas somewhere in the Caucuses...

I wonder if the nationalists of European nations are, well, 'prepared' to say the least...

Islam is a predatory religion which waits to amass enough adherents to form a pack before it strikes. Liege is now forming packs which will at some point stop fighting among themselves and strike at the natives.

Deport all muslims from the west. Problem solved!

Doing the rioting Walloons and the Flemish won't do.



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