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[Venting] There are no traditional women

Women are the most deviant fucked up thing to exist, they are animals in essence and it frustrates me that no man has the balls to point out they’re waaaay more fucked than we are.

Women fuck crazy amounts of men and everyone acts it like it’s normal. Their behavior is encouraged and they will even lie about how many people they’ve fucked to seem less sleazy. They are cheered on when they cheat on a man or fuck high numbers of men by both MEN and women. They wear tight revealing clothes and take pictures of their ass for everyone to see.

Women have been scientifically proven to NEVER be straight by a myriad of studies naturally making them more deviant than the average man.

Lesbian couples are allowed to date foids that are DECADES younger than them without societal backlash calling them out for “grooming”.

At this point in society in all women are pushed to be gay and explore sex and be promiscuous. And all the fat sweaty feminist foids breath down the neck of young/hot foids convincing them to turn lesbian and succumb to hell’s grips of depravity. It’s so fucking perverted how women encourage themselves to turn lesbian and participate in degenerate activities.


TranscriptAttractive woman: “I’m Straight.”
Grotesque slobbering woman: “SO IS SPAGHETTI UNTIL ITS (sic) WET”



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