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I am Mira, from the Pleiadian High Council, and it’s my turn today to speak to my Brothers and Sisters of planet Earth.

You reached now the point of no return, where all of the monstrosities and deceptions are being flushed out to the surface and it can’t be hidden anymore by Darkness. A perfect example of this, recently in Brooklyn, New York under a Jewish Synagogue secret tunnels were discovered. The media mostly covered up the real reasons why these underground tunnels were built in the Jewish community.

These underground passages were created a few years ago. They made this underground area at night so nobody could see what they were doing. The real reason this underground tunnels were dug out which the news media hidden from the public, the Jewish community used this space to secretly [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] and [redacted]. They also used them for their [redacted]. The main leaders of this group were arrested. This event will lead to more discoveries in the future.
You can’t expect that Darkness is going to surrender without a fight. It will continue to manipulate and create misery and pain for everyone until the last second of it’s existence. You are powerful enough to break this holographic reality. The realization of your essence within yourself that you are more than just a physical body, it will help you to detach from everything that is negative happening around you.

Your focus needs to be on moving into higher and higher vibrations each day to help you to ascend into a New Earth. Everything you see in your environment including buildings, objects and etc. are carrying low energies and cannot be transferred into 5D. Many of the humans didn’t adopt to the energetic changes that took place on this planet and they are existing in total emptiness created by the Dark Ones.
My team and I are ready to meet everyone on a New Earth in 5th dimension. Please, receive my Love and Support. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.



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