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( @GT777 )

spoilerAny person who said the vaccine
stopped transmission should be
fined $900 million for
misinformation just like Alex Jones.

( @Tytta )
@GT777 At a minimum. They killed people, harmed people, Alex just said something people didn’t like.

( @Pamrinas )
@Tytta @GT777 Alex also apologized.

( @Relic_Arcane )
@Pamrinas @Tytta @GT777

Big mistake!

NEVER apologize to the commie kike mob!

( @AintJack )
@GT777 They need even more harsh punishment. Alex Jones didn't actually cause any one any harm unlike those knowingly lied about the Covid Death Jab truth, claiming it stopped transmission among many other lies.

( @Trumpenrodham )
@GT777 You mean like...these people? 🤬🤬🤬

( @BeyondSassy )
@GT777 they have deaths and injuries on their hands. Alex just caused hurt feelings.

( @jrt67 )
Those vaccinated became walking bioweapons infecting us all with secondary bioweapon

( @BeAnalog )
Everyone who forced this bullshit vax on people, got people fired, promoted misinformation lies, made people lose their businesses, got sick, the families who lost loved ones and the whole damn thing, all of the people and organizations who did this to American citizens should be tried for high crimes, forced to repay all that was lost for each individual plus an additional 35% of damages in a real court of law held by The People, not the current corrupt justice system. The CDC, the federal government and Biden administration are included in this class action lawsuit. Where are the attorneys willing to fight this for America?

( @USrising777 )
@GT777 100%! And why is it that someone I know who foolishly got 3 vaxes has Covid?



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