Medcel #sexist #crackpot #psycho

RageFuel] "Size doesn't matter"

Larkin Love wants Amateur Male Cock!

^ The link above will take you to a PH bideo where this (admittedly hot) roastie asks for you to send pics of your dick to her OnlyFans (redirected to via the site, and the best dicks will have the chance to kickstart a male pornstar career.

Now, all of you know that bigger dicks look more attractive right (fuck you I'm not linking a study google it yourself)? And the average male pornstar has a dick of 7 inches, which is bigger than 80+% of the population right?

I thought I was on my way to recovery from inceldom. I said my shit looks won't matter if I get built and with maybe some plastic surgery, given my serviceable height of 5'9" (not 5'11" as I had previously stated) and that my inexperience with sex and my now-full-blown erectile dysfunction due to years of depression wouldn't matter if I played my cards right, but then this piece of shit comes along and says GOT A BIG DICK? SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE MONEY AND SEX HERE

Fuck it, I'm gonna shoot someone in my middle age. I hate the world. See you in another 4 months, maybe.



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