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RE: UK denies Russia fired warning shots near British warship

This was a provocation by the UK. Russians did fire warning shots form ships and su-24 dropped warning bombs. There was no gunnery exercise.

UK foreign ministry stated it was in UKRANIAN TERRITORIAL WATERS which is a clear provocation and escalation attempt.

The UK has every right to enter Ukrainian territorial waters if conducting innocent passage.

Then we'll sink your ships if any further escalations happen.

Your country does not have the balls to risk a war with NATO.

NATO will never declare a war over UK provocation. Especially on Russia. We have more Nuclear warheads than any nation, we can turn europe into one big chernobyl.

We have hypersonic nuclear gliders that can reach america in 30 minutes. The US doesn't have the defense against this glider.

We have China, North Korea and Iran. to back us up.

Keep believe that China will stand with you against US/EU - biggest consumers of their goods.

Keep believing that they woudln't if that makes you feel safe.

I understand that this gaslighting tone is widely accepted in your anglo-saxon culture, but in my eyes you just look silly.

Even if europe nukes 2 biggest cities it'll do literally nothing. Russian arms manufacturing is deep in siberia behind Ural mountains. Our population is spread out. We aren't as Urbanized as in europe. Nuking Russia is pointless.

Russia don't have the balls to fire at a UK vessel

Russia already did fire, the warning shots, after which British destroyed chickened out.

Russia recently became extremely hardline. Our military is highly aggressive, testing it is beyond stupid.



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